No Way Back in NYC at The Chocolate Factory

No Way Back in NYC at The Chocolate Factory
70 Scott Avenue
21+, 10p-12p

What began as a now-legendary 12 hour party with a leaky roof in Detroit in 2007 returns for its 10th edition in Brooklyn. This is our first time co-presenting No Way Back with Interdimensional Transmissions in Brooklyn since February 29, 2020, and damn, the world has changed so much since then and so have we.

This edition of No Way Back will be presented in a warehouse location TBA, and we’re going very, very late. So get your presales, book your flights, and prepare to strap in for an extended journey. We’ll have a surround Void system and full venue transformation by Amber Gillen and crew.

We have eight veteran No Way Back residents confirmed, playing sets that allow them to flow into each other, in an order that will form an arc of DJs DJing the DJ, for an incredible flow of energy, with the narrative told from many angles in an always invigorating way.

Our aim is to make this as safe a space as possible, with a team in place to help ensure that. This is a harassment free zone where you can let go of the form society forces you to hold and be totally free. The you beyond boundaries, beyond the limitations of others perceptions. This is something for your mind, your body and your soul. When you feel this freedom, when you touch what you may have thought was untouchable, you will quickly realize that you are too far gone and there is no way back.

This is an eternal concept, we didn’t invent this, and the people who may think they did didn’t either, this is our cultural heritage from a time before history. It has taken many forms from dancing around the fire at a coming of age ceremony, imbibing soma, to losing it on the dance floor of a parking garage to Larry Levan, or in some secret warehouse road under the actual road to the feverish sound of Ron Hardy, or climbing up those stairs to Heaven and seeing Miss Heaven 1 and Miss Heaven 2 jacking on top of the speakers to Ken Collier. We recognize where this music comes from, its original Black, Trans, Queer and Latinx roots, and the serious library of advanced technological thoughts that came from their ecstatic music. Detroit Techno was inevitable when you think about it.

This is our generation picking up those threads and making our own new fabric of the space time continuum. This is our generation returning to the source.

Please agree to our values, code of conduct, and accountability policy before attending this event: Failure to abide by these policies will result in removal from the party.