Going In with Imaginary Softwoods, Antenes, M. Geddes Gengras, A Space For Sound, Kroba at Basilica Hudson

Going In with Imaginary Softwoods, Antenes, M. Geddes Gengras, A Space For Sound, Kroba at Basilica Hudson
110 South Front Street
all ages, 7p-1a

Going In is a sub-label of The Bunker New York, dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards healing, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, psychedelic therapy, yoga, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself. Going In has presented two 48+ hour online streaming events and released 17 albums since its inception 2 years ago. Tonight to celebrate the equinox we are doing our first full in person production in collaboration with Jupiter Nights at Hudson Basilica.

Housed in a solar powered, reclaimed 1880s industrial factory, Basilica Hudson is an absolutely gorgeous nonprofit multidisciplinary art center located in Hudson NY. We feel quite honored to be presenting this event there.

This music is best experienced horizontally, please bring pads, mats, pillows & blankets to make yourself comfortable. Lay down and be counted!

Imaginary Softwoods is Ohio’s John Elliott, who is perhaps best known for his work as a member of the legendary Emeralds, who released a staggering amount of music from 2006 to 2013. Since then, John founded the Spectrum Spools label, a subsidiary of Editions Mego, which gained an absolute cult following and was known for its very high caliber releases of mostly synthesizer music. Over the past decade, John has released a ton of music as Imaginary Softwoods, mostly on his own Bandcamp imprint, all of it stunning. His live performances are quite rare.

DJ, producer and electronics artist Antenes operates a laboratory of self-made sequencers and modular synthesizers built in the name of rhythmic, sonic, and spatial exploration. Tracing the lineage of synthesizer operation to vintage telephone equipment and inspired by the Buchla 100, her curious studio discipline of manipulating repurposed switchboards was fueled by the desire to breathe new life into long-silenced machines, transforming signal paths through which voices once traveled into sequences that burst with percussive energy and evolving textures, bouncing sound through sound like so many distant AM radio stations on a late night drive. Antenes is known as much for her techno releases on L.I.E.S., The Bunker and Silent Season as she is for her more experimental academic work. Tonight she will take us on a meditative journey into sound.

Over the last decade, M. Geddes Gengras has released wide-ranging, synth-focused music in both solo and collaborative settings. In addition to two prolific solo careers (counting his dance-music alter-ego Personable), Gengras is an avid collaborator and has recorded and performed with The Congos, Akron/Family, Sun Araw & members of the Grateful Dead & Cold Sun. When it comes to synth music for fried synapses, Ged is honestly hard to top. He has collaborated with The Bunker many times over the years, and we are truly stoked to have this local icon on the lineup tonight.

Rena Anakwe aka A Space For Sound is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, poet and healer working primarily with sound, visuals, and scent. Exploring intersections between traditional healing practices, spirituality and performance, she creates works focused on sensory-based, experiential interactions using creative technology. She is based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Nigeria and Canada. Under the moniker A Space for Sound, Anakwe released the first in an ongoing audio series titled “Sound Bath Mixtape vol. 1” in Summer 2020, through New York City-based label and collective PTP. In Fall 2021, her album "Sometimes underwater (feels like home)" was released through RVNG Intl's Commend THERE Label. Her extraordinary live performances have caught the attention of many, and her set was a huge highlight of the last Going In stream.

Zachary Koeber aka Kroba, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and DJ from New York. Koeber emerged as one-third of the improvisational dance jazz trio Archie Pelago. Zach has spent the last few years amassing a back catalog of original mixes and ambient compositions, using his training as a saxophonist and clarinetist to create garden beds of sound and testing the limits of genre.

“Furthermore, it seems that all contradictions are converging, going inwards, into a new reality—towards an entirely new epoch of consciousness. This tendency towards GOING IN gathers together disparate energies, but to a certain extent also fuses, merges, and explodes out when critical mass has been reached. At its most fundamental level, OUR MUSIC is an attempt to identify, collect and direct (but never fully control) these trajectories or lines of flight—to use the Deleuzian term—warping and bending them like rays of light around a supermassive black hole. In search of the patterns that make the patterns, our multi-perspective is one of informed optimism and guarded hope—hope that by GOING IN we do not find ourselves so much at the "end of history" but rather its beginning.” - Jasen Loveland