The Bunker Limited presents Peter Van Hoesen at Public Assembly Loft

The Bunker Limited presents Peter Van Hoesen at Public Assembly Loft
70 North 6th Street
21, 10p-6a

As The Bunker has grown significantly over the past few years, many of you have expressed a desire to turn back the clock to the good ol' days when the party was weekly at subTonic for 100 people or so. We miss those days as well, so last we launched a new quarterly series of events called The Bunker Limited. The first four events, with Prosumer, Petre Inspirescu, Daniel Bell, and Function got us off to a great start. For The Bunker Limited, we bring a ridiculous sound system into the small loft above Public Assembly, and limit attendance to 150. The Bunker books DJs who we consider to be among the best in the world to play eight hour sets. Tickets are advance only, and there will be no guestlist. The only way we can pull this off in a space this small is if everyone pays. The sets at these events are not recorded, and absolutely no photography is allowed inside.

We are very excited to bring Peter Van Hoesen for his third appearance at The Bunker. Peter is one of the artists who really defined techno for us over the past few years, and it's doubtful that a single edition of The Bunker has gone by in the past year or so where at least one of his tracks wasn't played. Peter is pretty prolific with pumping out amazing tunes and podcasts, and in many ways his music really speaks for itself, so check out some of his sets in the links provided below. We'd also highly recommend buying a copy of his excellent "Entropic City" album , which proved he can make a cohesive techno album and not just dancefloor 12"s. You can buy this wonderful piece of music directly from Peter at a very reasonable price. Peter is now considered a resident at the Labyrinth festival in Japan, where he will be appeared for the fourth time in row in September 2011. He also regularly appears at Berghain in Berlin and has a residency for his label, Time to Express, at the legendary Fuse club in his hometown of Brussels. Peter has a long past of making more abstract electronic music, has crushed The Bunker with his powerful techno sets twice already, and played amazing New Beat sets at both Kiss & Tell and last year's Wierd/No Fun/The Bunker collaboration. We are very excited to see what he does with eight hours!