The Bunker and Knitting Factory present Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Bora Yoon, and Eric Cloutier at Warsaw

The Bunker and Knitting Factory present Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Bora Yoon, and Eric Cloutier at Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave,
21+, 10p-6a

The Moritz von Oswald Trio brings together acclaimed artists Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel), Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric, nsi.), and Vladislav Delay (aka Luomo, Uusitalo) in a unique live performance project. The three, each pioneers in Berlin’s early 90s electronic music scene, meld their varied approaches and shared history into a reinvention of dub-electronica: the new project is an exploration of the possibilities inherent in live, collaborative improvisation, with Von Oswald playing electro-acoustics, Loderbauer on analogue synthesizers, and Vladislav Delay again taking up drums, his original instrument, to play metal percussion. In a fascinating extension of previous work, the trio exploits slow tempos to establish an ‘endless groove’; a funk-like de-emphasis on melody and harmony that puts the rhythmic pulse of percussion in the foreground. They develop grooves into a series of extended vamps layered with electronics and suspended synth tones to weave gliding, deconstructed techno from their live performances. MvOT keeps their base rhythms in constant flux, leaning towards hybrid fusions of afrobeat and electronica. They play with a tribal egalitarianism; the kind of musical democracy celebrated by Can, creating space for multi-directional freedom. It gives the trio’s music a hypnotic, rarefied quality. Their amazing performance at Unsound Festival New York (where special guests Carl Craig and Francois K joined them on stage), was a massive jam that became the most talked about performance of the festival, and they'll try to recreate some of that magic tonight.

Keith Fullerton Whitman has recorded and released music under a number of pseudonyms, most notably Hrvatski. For the past seven years or so, he has laid the Hrvatski project to rest and released many droney hypnotic albums under his own name on Kranky and other fine labels. Although he has been somewhat quiet lately, 2010 will be a monster year for Keith, with FOUR albums coming out on Kranky and a slew of other releases planned as well. Keith never really does the same performance twice, taking full advantage of different sonic environments to make something completely new each time he plays.

Bora Yoon is an experimental multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer, who creates architectural soundscapes from everyday found objects, chamber instruments, digital devices, and voice. Featured in The Wire magazine and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal for her musical innovations - Yoon explores where sound connects to the subliminal and its performance environment, creating music that plays with sensory associations and spatial idiosyncrasies - forming new languages with technologies of different eras with much spontaneity and little regard to the classifying genres of instrumentation. Tonight she performs with video genius Luke DuBois. Their set at Issue Project Room during Unsound Festival New York was absolutely sublime and left many in the room stunned and wanting more.

Born and bred in Michigan, and currently based in Brooklyn, Eric Cloutier is one of a new generation of American DJs bridging the gap between dance music's past and its future. His sets have a sprawling depth and sophistication that fuses the brooding intensity of tripping techno with the mechanic funk of contemporary house. Aside from a few very memorable sets at The Bunker this year, Eric traveled to Japan to play at the Labyrinth Festival, and appeared in Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis, Vancouver, Boston, and Washington, DC. He put out several well received podcasts in 2009, and is working on a few new ones and delving into the studio for some original productions. Eric will be opening the event, playing some short sets between acts, and closing out the night with an extended DJ set.