The Bunker presents Metro Area, Mike Huckaby, Demdike Stare, The Caretaker, MLZ, Sean Canty, DJ Spider, Derek Plaslaiko, and Spinoza at Public Assembly

The Bunker presents Metro Area, Mike Huckaby, Demdike Stare, The Caretaker, MLZ, Sean Canty, DJ Spider, Derek Plaslaiko, and Spinoza at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani's Metro Area is possibly the most influential electronic dance music project to emerge from the New York area in the past ten years. Their sound is a perfect combination of classic dance music and modern production techniques. Over the years, they have been imitated ad nauseum, but nothing really comes remotely close to the classic 12"s they've released on their own Environ label. We were initially introduced to these guys as DJs at their infamous Party Out of Bounds nights in the early days of APT, where they made trainspotters and dancers alike go apeshit. We've been trying to book them at The Bunker ever since we were at subTonic, but it's never worked out until now for various reasons. It's an honor to finally present these modern dance music icons at The Bunker.

The main thing you need to know about Mike Huckaby is that he has impeccable taste and the ability to see past petty genre divisions to bring together amazing sets that may cover everything from the deepest house and the darkest techno to classic tracks from 20 years ago that you didn't even realize existed. These skills have landed him endless gigs worldwide at huge clubs, and make him an ideal DJ for The Bunker dancefloor. Although his talents as a DJ are well documented, do not forget that he is also a very accomplished producer of dub techno and deep house, with tracks on his own Deep Transportation and S Y N T H labels, as well as the Berlin-based Cache imprint. His set at the Kiss & Tell Unsound closing party was surely one of the week's highlights, so much so that we were eager to bring him back as soon as possible.

Back in the early days of The Bunker, kleverVice would often play selections from "Stairway To The Stars", an early album by The Caretaker, who we knew as one half of Manchester pranksters V/VM. This strange but utterly beautiful music always got a reaction from whoever happened to be in the room, and eventually became a Bunker classic that we would play all the time in the early hours of the night. Fast forward a few years, and he has been getting a ton of media attention for his recent prolific output as both The Caretaker and Leyland Kirby. Primarily using ancient dusty vinyl records as the source of the samples he uses to construct his music, he plays with themes of memory and mental illness. We spend many hours outside of The Bunker listening to ambient music, and The Caretaker's recent multi-disc releases are some of the most engaging albums we've heard in a very long time. Tonight will be the first time Leyland Kirby has played in America, and it will be his only North American stop outside of the Mutek Festival in Montreal.

We have been huge fans of Boomkat's in-house Modern Love label from the start, and proudly presented the North American debuts of Claro Intelecto, Andy Stott, and MLZ at our 2009 Mutek Brooklyn event. The newest artists to appear on this fine imprint are Demdike Stare, a collaboration between MLZ of Pendle Coven and Sean Canty of Andy Votel's Finders Keepers label. These guys are two of the deepest vinyl collectors we've ever met, and it's really their shared love of black crack that brought them together for this project. Their first few releases bring together ancient music from around the world with modern dub and other sounds to create a deeply original, cohesive, and satisfying music. They were our favorite new artists of 2009, and tonight we present their American debut. In addition to their live set as Demdike Stare, we will be treated to DJ sets from both MLZ and Sean Canty.

New York artist DJ Spider has been producing many kinds of original music over the years, everything from ambient and noise to techno and house. He's best known as the resident DJ of New York's long running Deep See party, alongside Lola and E-man, where he's played alongside a who's who of deep house music for a loyal crowd for many years. He also runs his own label, Plan B Recordings. Tonight he plays an opening set in the front room, completing our lineup of all vinyl DJs alongside Mike Huckaby and Metro Area.