The Bunker presents Byetone, Aoki Takamasa, Carlos Giffoni, David Last, and Alexander Kaline at Public Assembly

The Bunker presents Byetone, Aoki Takamasa, Carlos Giffoni, David Last, and Alexander Kaline at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

Even though we were already producing two Bunkers in May, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to present some artists from the Raster-Noton crew when they told us they'd be in town. Tonight's special presentation of The Bunker focuses on artists who are really pushing electronic music in new, interesting, challenging directions. We are bringing in some nice video projections from Joshue Ott, and Byetone will be performing live visuals with his audio as usual.

Olaf Bender aka Byetone is the co-founder and principal administrator of Raster-Noton. He is responsible for much of the graphic design that has been such an important part of the label's identity since the start. Like everyone else involved in the label, he is also and important artist with many releases under his belt. He began as an experimental filmmaker before getting involved with a band, then working at a record distributor, then launching the label and working on his own computer music. His "Death Of A Typographer" album from last year really turned some heads, and the remix 12" brought his sound to the dancefloor. His previous two sets at The Bunker were crowd favorites, and tonight he promises a set of all new material.

Late last year, we were blown away by a release on the new Raster Noton "unun" vinyl-only series by an artist we'd never listened to before, Aoki Takamasa. Some further investigation proved that this Japanese artist had been releasing consistenly interesting music since 2001 on labels such as Fat Cat, Progressive Form, and op.disc. Like many of the artists we know and love from Raster Noton, Aoki really pushes the limits of sound experimentation while keeping his music funky, soulful, and danceable. We are thrilled to present his first appearance in the United States.

Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan electronic musician who has resided in the New York City area since 2000. He's currently using modular synthesizers, hand made custom instruments, and various types of analog and digital synthesis in the composition of electronic music pieces, and improvising live with local and international musicians (everyone from Jim O'Rourke to Thurston Moore to Merzbow). His recent solo work has focused in live analog synthesizer pieces that put his style in line with early techno and cosmic electronic music while maintaining the harsher edge of his previous noise works. He is also working on a new acid music project called No Fun Acid, which kind of tore our heads off when we saw it performed live (the debut 12" should be in stores now). Carlos remains a major figure in the US and international experimental music scene, performing live in a number of tours and festivals in the US, South America, Europe and Japan. He is the curator of the No Fun Fest, a yearly event in Brooklyn bringing together a wide variety of international experimental musicians as well as running the No Fun Productions label.

No stranger to The Bunker, with many memorable appearances over the years, and some awesome flyer designs early on, David Last is a musician and visual artist living in Brooklyn. With Alexander Kaline (alka_rex), he is a founder of the Konque label and music project. Konque really impressed us at Bass Mutations at Unsound Festival New York, and will be performing at the big Saturday night party at Mutek in June. Tonight David closes the party with one of his genre-defying sets. We have been huge David Last fans for at least 10 years now, and it's always a pleasure to hear him perform.

Best known to fans of The Bunker as one half of our Russian techno brothers alka_rex, Alexander Kaline has also been working under the radar on his own solo project for some time now. We caught a rare live performance at the Anticipate showcase at Unsound Festival New York that left us amazed and wanting to hear more.

Joshue Ott is a multi-disciplined media artist and designer. He performs some of the most stunningly sublime visuals we've ever seen using his self-designed superDraw software. Performing with superDraw, Ott bends lines and movements - creating improvised hand drawn forms which rest in a comfortable space between minimalism, psychedelia and curious simplicity.