The Bunker presents Echospace, DVS1, and Dave Turov at Public Assembly

The Bunker presents Echospace, DVS1, and Dave Turov at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

Echospace's Rod Modell and Steven Hitchell have known one another about 10 years now. Steve was sending demos to Rod's DeepChord label in the late 90's and always had a deep respect for Rod's material. They developed a good friendship over the years to come and always kept in touch. A few years ago, Steve asked if he could remix some of Rod's DeepChord material. Rod was hesitant to let anyone remix DeepChord, however, he couldn't think of anyone better to do it than Steve. As expected, Rod was very happy with the results. Down the road, they discussed working together on a project, and once again, Rod couldn't think of anyone with a better understanding when it comes to this sound, so they went with it and there you have it, Echospace. Their releases on Modern Love raised their profile significantly and made them one of the most known dub-techno acts in the world. Tonight they will be playing a special ambient set on the early side in addition to their prime time performance.

As a producer, DVS1 makes music that is simple, effective and captures the feeling of the moment. His productions, although mostly made for himself in the past, have lately been catching the ears of others. DVS1’s first release came out on Ben Klock's Klockworks imprint in 2009, and there’s no slowing down with future releases planned for Derrick May's legendary Transmat imprint and another one for Klockworks. For much longer than he's been known for his productions, DVS1 has been known as one of the best DJs in the Midwest. A consummate performer, Zak never maps out his sets ahead of time, opting to craft sets spontaneously from within the context they are intended for. He does this the old-fashioned way—with bags of wax carefully assembled from his massive record collection. A good friend of Derek Plaslaiko's, we've been waiting for the right opportunity to bring him to The Bunker for years now, and his recent releases gave us just the excuse we were looking for.

Born in Uzbekistan and raised 1980's Brooklyn immigrant style, east-west transitions and ghetto blasters where a way of life for Dave Turov. He had some success with rock bands in the 1990's, but eventually was deeply inspired by the scene at Twilo: people like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, and John Selway opened doors via that sound system from which there was no return. The next step was producing events under the Muzzy moniker to help hold up techno and electro in NYC. 2003 was the time for relocation to Berlin Germany where a centralizing electronic music community, an east-west culture, and several music technology companies were thriving. Now, with NYC compatriot John Selway, CSM Records was re-launched in Europe on which original music and remix work flowed. In conjunction with CSM, the M party series (M-ittwoch + Mamstag) started in 2005 showcasing the best Berlin talent in venues like WMF and Watergate. His latest venture is PullProxy, a company that offers complete and integrated services including publicity, dj promotion, booking, label and artist management all under one roof. Dave is an old friend and we're glad to host him on one of his increasingly rare visits to his hometown.