The Bunker presents Monolake, Deadbeat, Safety Scissors, DJ Olive, Todd Sines, Archetype, Smartypants, Localfields, David Last, and end at subTonic

The Bunker presents Monolake, Deadbeat, Safety Scissors, DJ Olive, Todd Sines, Archetype, Smartypants, Localfields, David Last, and end at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Tonight will feature a collaborative Atlantic Waves set between Monolake and Deadbeat. Monolake will be on stage in NYC and Deadbeat will be joining us via the internet from Japan. This will be the longest distance Atlantic Waves performance to date.

Monolake put out a stunning new album on his own Imbalance Computer Music label last year. This album is a return to more dancefloor oriented material, and his new live set reflects this. At Mutek this year, he played an incredible ambient surround sound set of thunderstorm sounds, a stomping dancefloor set at Metropolis on the main night, and gave a workshop on Ableton Live ... festival highlights all. In addition to making some of the best electronic music of the past decade, Monolake has also worked on programming some of the best music software, including Max/MSP and the ubiquitous Ableton Live.

All 3 Deadbeat full lengths on ~scape have been spun many times in the early evening at the Bunker, and they usually bring the trainspotters running up to find out what the hell it is. Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat) makes impossibly deep digital dub that somehow avoids all of the dub cliches and puts a fresh spin on the decades-old genre. As amazing as the albums are, you really have to see the live set to fully appreciate the sound. He had heads spinning and hips shaking at his last subTonic gig. His new album has a subversive poltical edge (something that is sadly absent in most electronic music), and we deeply respect that at the Bunker.

We have been big fans of Safety Scissors since his first releases on San Francisco labels Delay and Cytrax. He is a master of funky glitchy music that is beyond genre catagorization. Tonight he performs a rare live set and will debut some of the material from his upcoming album on ~scape.

The Agriculture founder DJ Olive is one of our heroes, someone who we give our deepest respect to. He has been touring the world all year, and is only making a brief stop in NYC, so we were lucky to snag him for this gig. His set will consist of material similar to the sound of his very well received debut solo album "Bodega" ... deep dubby breaks and backyard jeep beats. Olive is currently working on his 2nd solo album for The Agriculture.

We saw Todd Sines and Archetype play a smoking bleepy acidic set at an afterparty for the Movement festival in Detroit this year and were blown away. Both of these guys are seriously accomplished producers with many releases under their belts. They've been performing together since their first band debuted in Ohio in the early 90s.

You know Smartypants and Localfields individually, but together they are a classy, sleek live techno act known as Pantyfields. They just had a superb MP3 release on Philly's UnfoundSound, and have an upcoming 12"s on Zero G Sounds and Unlockedgroove. Look out for these guys as the are rising stars in the East Coast minimal scene.

Agriculture newcomer David Last has already caused major waves in the electronic music community with his debut 12" and CD. His sound is kind of like Mouse on Mars inna Jamaican dancehall. He is currently working on some organic minimal techno, with a remix on Francois K's Wave label and an upcoming release on the Unfoundsound net label.

end makes our favorite kind of music ... the kind that defies all genre tags. Intelligently incorporating elements of surf rock, breakcore, punk, jazz, and just about everything else ... it's easy to see why people like Mike Patton and Kid606 are falling all over themselves to release end's music. oh yeah, past live sets have incorporated dancing animals and pinatas!