The Bunker presents Socks And Sandals, Leisure Muffin, and Borne at subTonic

The Bunker presents Socks And Sandals, Leisure Muffin, and Borne at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Socks and Sandals is Clark ov Saturn and Sean Smith. They are the masters of fake German techno (although they have been getting more serious lately). These guys keep getting better with each performance, and they basically tore the roof off with their new set at Mini Mutek in May. They have recently released their debut 7" on their own label DIY style, have a split 10" on Microcosm with Miskate. Soon, they will graduate to a 12" release on Microcosm, which just inked a P&D deal with Kompakt (congrats Zeke!).

Leisure Muffin, (Michael Hopkins), has been making electronic music since the early 90's and his style cris crosses everything from ambient to electro, hip hop, minimal house, and dub. Textures, layers, and incredible beats follow suit with recordings and performances featuring a careful mix of analog synthesizers, laptop, and live instruments. He prefers to play live and has collaborated extensively with many others in fantastic ways. Tonight he is going to be adding some DJ elements to his live set, and might mix the Cure with acid frog or Meat Beat Manifesto with regressive haus or Autechre with meepy floop or something like that.

Borne just made a killer new chillout mix cd, and we bet he'll give you one if you show up for his set and ask nicely. This guy has played at many Undercity and Bunker events in the past, and has been known to politely destroy the dancefloor in random livingroom house parties in Williamsburg. He knows how to put the records together in an engaging way, so pay attention.