The Bunker with Rrose, Marco Shuttle, Lychee, Otodojo, Mike Servito, WTCHCRFT, Love Letters, dreemseed at Good Room

The Bunker with Rrose, Marco Shuttle, Lychee, Otodojo, Mike Servito, WTCHCRFT, Love Letters, dreemseed at Good Room
98 Meserole Avenue
21+, 10p-6a

For April 1st, we’re excited to invite everyone to celebrate a double record release party with a night of music that shows just how far the dancefloor can take us. In the Good Room, Otodojo will celebrate the release of their album on The Bunker NY with a peak time live set that they’ve been perfecting for months. This amazing work, “Amphibious?/?Aural Spirits'', enters a world not of humanity but of the deeply interconnected web of flora and fauna that make up the planet’s most remote zones, where time loses its meaning and the veil dissolves into nonexistence. Further dissolving boundaries between reality and time, the iconic artist Rrose is bringing us one of their signature and rare live sets. We’ll be handing the reins over to Marco Shuttle for an extended closing set. Marco is an essential and legendary figure in European techno with releases on his own label, Eerie Records and Donato Dozzy and Neel’s Spazio Disponibile. He has released two EPs on The Bunker New York and his sets at The Bunker are amongst our fondest party memories since we presented his US debut exactly 10 years ago in April 2013. Opening the room and making their Bunker debut is Lychee, a skilled NY-based artist we have long admired, known for manifesting underground energy with a magical, scintillating take on technoid psychedelia and relentless, meaningful inquiry.

In the Bad Room, we are celebrating the release of Love Letters’ new EP “I Call Upon…” which will be released on The Bunker New York for 3/03 on Friday, March 3. Featuring an acapella, instrumental and a pair of cross-generational remixes, the “I Call Upon…” EP harks back to New York’s old school dance music scene in the 80s, when beat-a-pellas and isolated vocal tracks offered DJs a world of possibilities. To celebrate, Love Letters will be presenting the world debut live set of his dance music material at midnight! Mike Servito, a longtime resident DJ at The Bunker who has a remix on the EP, will treat us to a prime to set. Closing things out is WTCHCRFT, who has a breakneck remix on the EP, making his Bunker debut. Opening the room and also making their Bunker debut is dreemseed, a NYC-based selector and co-curator of the down2earth mix series.

For the first time at our Good Room events we’re bringing in a safer spaces team to hold space for the community and keep the vibes on point. The Bunker dance floor is for all of us. We don’t tolerate the kinds of behaviors that tell already marginalized people that they aren’t welcome or that their bodies aren’t safe. Consensual touch, respect for personal space, and being gentle with others’ mental states are all ways that members of The Bunker express that collective care and safety are necessary for a good party! We don’t permit leering, commenting about others’ bodies, following people, taking photos or videos without consent, or other types of disrespectful or dehumanizing behavior – and being intoxicated enough that you can’t engage with these agreements is no excuse for harmful behavior and won’t be tolerated at our events.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with our values and code of conduct before attending the party: