The Bunker with Forest Drive West, Christina Chatfield, Antenes at Market Hotel

The Bunker with Forest Drive West, Christina Chatfield, Antenes at Market Hotel
1140 Myrtle Avenue
all ages, 10p-6a
$10-20 advance

For the next edition of The Bunker, we will continue our run at MARKET HOTEL. For those of you who haven’t been, Market Hotel maintains an outlaw vibe in a legal, licensed space. Wood floors that are great for dancing and easy on the knees, Kip Davis on lighting install and operation will once again create a unique look as he does for each event. SubBass tried a completely different sound set up for the past event and really nailed it, we’ll be bringing that set up back for this event.

You won’t find all that much information about FOREST DRIVE WEST on the internet. We know that the producer is from London, and he’s found a home on adventurous, bass-inclined labels like Livity Sound and Hidden Hawaii over the last few years. But the music — a half-dozen mutant techno releases so far — speaks for itself. He deeply impressed us with his set of mostly unreleased productions on our Red Bull Radio show last year, so much so that we immediately started making plans for him to play at the party.

CHRISTINA CHATFIELD has been a friend and ally of The Bunker New York for many years, playing repeatedly at our events in New York and showcases in San Francisco. She is a resident for As You Like It in San Francisco, has released on Sassmouth’s God Particle and has an album coming on Mysteries of the Deep. Tonight she joins us with one of her truly unique and captivating live sets.

We were lucky to snag ANTENES to open things up, as she’s been spending more time on the road than at home for the past year, off of the strength of her releases for L.I.E.S. and The Bunker NY. One of our absolute favorite DJs, she puts an extraordinary amount of thought into every set she plays, and always brings it!