The Bunker Limited with Silent Servant at Trans Pecos

The Bunker Limited with Silent Servant at Trans Pecos
915 Wyckoff Avenue
all ages, 10p-6a
$20-30 advance

It is with heavy hearts that we have to cancel tonight's party. Due to reasons beyond our control, Silent Servant will not be able to perform. Frankly, there's no proper fill in for an 8 hour Silent Servant set at the last minute. Your ticket purchase will be refunded in full via Resident Advisor (will probably take a few days, please be patient). If you are still looking to party tonight, there are a bunch of alumni of The Bunker playing over at Output (Marcel Dettmann, Function, Anthony Parasole), which we highly recommend.

As The Bunker continues to grow significantly, many of you have expressed a desire to turn back the clock to the good ol' days when the party was weekly at subTonic for 100 people or so. We miss those days as well, so in 2011 we launched a new series of events called The Bunker Limited. For The Bunker Limited, we bring a ridiculous sound system into a very small space, and limit attendance to 150. Last year we said goodbye to Public Assembly and the small loft space above it that housed The Bunker Limited. In 2014 we relaunch The Bunker Limited in a new art space we could not be more excited to be a part of, Trans Pecos. There will be no guestlist for The Bunker Limited, the only way we can pull this off in a space this small is if everyone pays. The sets at these events are not recorded, and absolutely no photography is allowed inside.

Joining us once again is Silent Servant, who has treated us to more great sets than we can count at The Bunker over the years. He rose to fame alongside Regis and Function with their Sandwell District imprint before they laid it to rest in 2011. His full length album on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions was easily on of 2012's best releases, and he is known worldwide for his uncompromising productions and DJ sets. Mendez has become a fan favorite at The Bunker and often digs a bit deeper into his crates for sets that will incorporate not only techno, but also industrial, EBM, synth punk, and other sounds. Tonight Silent Servant plays the entire 8 hours, which will be the longest set of his career. We can't wait for what is sure to be an amazing journey.

A note on alcohol: Trans Pecos is a legal space that still does not have a permanent liquor license (they're grinding on that every day and hope to have it soon). We can not have open and obvious consumption of liquor at this venue until they get this sorted. We think Trans Pecos is a sacred space and we're honored to be throwing events there. The people behind Trans Pecos are in it for the long haul and have an amazing vision for the space. It's going to take the effort of our whole community and some self policing to keep the booze out and the party raging for now, but we think we can do it. We ask that you come prepared and exercise extreme discretion in this area (bringing in beer or large bottles is the opposite of this and will be stopped at the door), and help spread the word amongst your friends. And if you simply can't deal with that, then for now this is not the party for you.