The Bunker 9 Year Anniversary with Derrick Carter, Derek Plaslaiko, Legowelt, Serge, Steve Summers, Ron Morelli, and Xosar at Public Assembly

The Bunker 9 Year Anniversary with Derrick Carter, Derek Plaslaiko, Legowelt, Serge, Steve Summers, Ron Morelli, and Xosar at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

Derrick Carter is known as one of the best DJs in the world, and we've been wanting to get him to The Bunker for a special set for a loooong time. Derek Plaslaiko convinced him to come out for our Nine Year Anniversary, so we asked him to personally write this bio and he delivered:

Derrick Carter was put on my radar by friends Keith Kemp and Mike Servito back in 1995, and I couldn't thank them more for it. At that time, his version of house music was very different from what I was used to. So chunky, but not too hard. So soulful, but not cheesy. Like if you were to throw the definition of Chicago house in a blender with Detroit techno and served it with a couple shots of tequila and a vanilla ice cream cone. What I'm tryin to say is, when Derrick is on the decks.... the party starts. Raised in Chicago and brought up on it's music, Derrick has been a favorite, as well as an ambassador for the sound since it's inception decades ago. His record label, Classic Recordings has been at the forefront of house music for all of it's tenure, and serves as a great example of the type of music he chooses to play at a party. We met somewhere in the late 90's, and (as most people do when they meet him) we instantly clicked. We had been trying to get him down to The Bunker for quite a while now. So, after a long night/morning/afternoon at Panorama Bar, we found out Derrick was available for our anniversary and he agreed to play. Honestly, in terms of sheer fun, this might be the craziest Anniversary The Bunker has ever had. Upon hearing the news of Derrick and I taking the back room for the night, and asked if she thought it was a good idea, Jes (a Bunker regular who knows both of us quite well) said "someone might die". Her assesment couldn't be more true. He and I are both working out something special for the night musically, and whatever happens ... it will definitely be out of the ordinary, and incredibly fun.... for ALL of us. Let the games begin!!!!

Derek Plaslaiko has long been the resident DJ at The Bunker, and was widely considered to be one of the best DJs in New York during his stay here. Derek has a repuation for blowing up The Bunker whenever he appears behind our decks, often outshining the world famous special guests he's supporting. Late last summer, Derek relocated to Berlin to focus on production and European gigs, and is already taking the city by storm. He has held down a residency at Club der Visionaire, and played at Tobias' record release party at Berghain earlier this summer. His debut vinyl EP on Perc Trax came out last year and has been well received on both sides of the Atlantic, selling out at Hard Wax in Berlin and getting a really great review over at Halcyonline. Derek has some more original productions out soon on Perc Trax and Interdimensional Transmissions.

Clone Records of The Netherlands has become a legendary organization in the electronic dance music world over the past 15 years. Clone was founded in Rotterdam as a record store in the mid-90s after Hotmix closed, and today is on the caliber of Hard Wax and Rub-A-Dub, but infused with it's own unique musical view that allows for thicker and sometimes warmer soulful sounds to come to the fore. Shortly before it was a record store, Clone was also a record label with the simple goal of entertaining themselves with the music they released. Clone began releasing freaky new music from then unknown Dutch artists, and eventually released Adult.'s iconic "Hand to Phone" picture disc and Drexciya's final album, amongst many other highlights. In early 2009, many music lovers' hearts sunk when we heard the news that the Clone label was shutting it's doors for good. However, a few months later, we were elated with the announcement that there were going to be at least seven Clone sub-labels popping up to pick up the slack. Since then, the quality and love put into both reissues and new material really outshines everyone else in techno, ranging from Dopplereffekt to Larry Heard to Italo Disco gems. Whatever trends come and go, you know that Clone is always finding startlingly good music that constantly reveals new things about the true sources of electronic dance music. In addition to it's already amazing online vinyl emporium, Clone has recently launched the Clone Digital download shop. For a nice introduction to Clone, you could do a lot worse than checking out RBMA's fireside chat with Serge.

Legowelt is the name under which Dutch artist Danny Wolfers releases most of his music. He describes his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack, The Hague electronix, combined with deep Chicago trax, obscure and romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks and a lot more". Initially influenced by early Detroit Techno and Chicago acid tracks, Legowelt moved on to more and more experimental sounds until finally discovering the Bunker Records crew in his hometown, The Hague. He has since released dozens of records under more artist names than anyone could possibly keep track of. We've been anxious to have Legowelt back at The Bunker every since he played a highlight set at Unsound Festival New York.

Serge, owner and operator of Clone, is the hardest working man in Rotterdam. World reknown record store, multiple record labels, a distributorship, international DJ career, and a family. We have no idea how this man has time to have such good taste. Serge played a really magical DJ set at the No Way Back we threw with Interdimensional Transmissions in 2010, and also delivered at the first Clone night at The Bunker later that year. Aside from appearing regularly at the best underground parties worldwide, Serge makes regular appearances at big clubs like Fabric and Rex. The Clone empire simply would not exist without the vision and dedication of Serge.

Jason Letkiewicz is a Brooklyn based producer who has released as Steve Summers, Innergaze, Malvoeaux, Rhythm Based Lovers, and Two Dogs in a House. Tonight the focus is on his Steve Summers guise, under which he has released two EPs of raw classic Chicago House for Clone's Jack for Daze sub-label. His live, all hardware set was a huge hit at a Clone at The Bunker party last year.

In 2010, after many years of working behind the counter at NYC record stores, Ron Morelli launched his own label, Long Island Electrical Systems (better known as L.I.E.S.). With nine releases under it's belt, the label has been widely recognized by DJs and critics alike. Check the L.I.E.S. soundcloud below for some examples of what he has released. This is strong music that speaks for itself. Ron joins us fresh off of an extensive European tour for an opening DJ set for his good friends at Clone, alongside his recording partner Steve Summers and new L.I.E.S. artist Xosar.

A descendant from a Bengali aerospace engineer and Cherokee psychic, Xosar was born in San Jose California, raised in San Francisco and is now residing in a quiet seaside village on the North Sea. Here she spends most of her time wandering through dark forests, channeling the energy of nature and primal forces contained within symbols, and using these energies to produce a sensual and exotic blend of deep Detroit-style techno and leftfield ghost house. Signed for upcoming releases for Rush Hour, M Division & L.I.E.S.