Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker with Tobias, Marcin Czubala, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Newworldaquarium, Legowelt, Kadebostan, Luke Hess, Patrick Russell, Derek Plaslaiko, and Spinoza at Public Assembly

Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker with Tobias, Marcin Czubala, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Newworldaquarium, Legowelt, Kadebostan, Luke Hess, Patrick Russell, Derek Plaslaiko, and Spinoza at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

tobias. is Tobias Fruend, also known as Pink Elln and one half of both Sieg �ber Die Sonne (with Dandy Jack) and Non Standard Institute (with Max Loderbauer). Recently, he's gained a lot of attention with wildly popular dancefloor tracks and remixes on labels like Cadenza, Wagon Repair, and Ostgut Ton, but he's been producing his own brand of electronic music for over 20 years. With his current projects as Tobias., Non Standard Institute, and Odd Machine (an open collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos, Atom Heart, and others), Freund has redoubled his efforts to strip house and techno back to their most skeletal forms, all the while pushing at the limits of electronic sound design. Tonight, Tobias. plays a live set featuring the Roland 808 and other analog gear in his debut American performance.

Marcin Czubala is not your typical techno artist. Part of this might have to do with the fact that he hails from Poland, not Berlin. Part of it is connected to his classical music studies: between 1991 and 1994 he performed in over 300 concerts, with artist such as experimental-music giant Krzysztof Penderecki. Ultimately, though, what sets Marcin apart is his personal style, that most difficult to define of all musical criteria. While grounded in minimal house and techno, Marcin's work always bears his unmistakable signature: slinky, bouncy, and full of mystery and seduction. In 1999 he founded Poland's first techno label, Currently Processing. Marcin recorded some 17 singles and one album before joining up with Mobilee in 2007. Inspired by minimal techno, but not bound to its rules, Marcin continues to forge a sound that's his alone.

Jacek Sienkiewicz was born in 1976 in Warsaw, Poland, where he still lives. After two years of DJing, he started performing live sets in 1996 and never looked back. He launched his own label, Recognition, in 2000, with an album and string of singles. Jacek's talent was quickly recognized by Sven Vath's Cocoon organization, who represent him worldwide, and have since released three of his albums. At this point, Jacek is well known for his unorthodox approach to live performance, and is in high demand, playing huge events such as I Love Techno, Awakenings, Nature One, Love Parade, DEMF, Transmediale, and Mutek.

Newworldaquarium is the alter ego of Amsterdam based Jochem Peteri, named after a New York aquarium supply store. Peteri has released only a handful of records over the last sixteen years under various monikers: Newworldromantic, Ross 154, and 154. With tracks licensed to Carl Craig and classic releases on Delsin and Peacefrog, Peteri has remained mysteriously under the radar. In late 2001, Peteri set up his own label, NWAQ, to release his material. His sophomore album, "The Dead Bears" arrived in early 2008, fifteen years after his debut on Dutch techno imprint Eevo-Lute Muzique. Newworldaquarium rarely performs in public, and tonight is his U.S. debut. His slow, drawn out house dirges will certainly add to the atmosphere of the night.

Legowelt is the name under which Dutch artist Danny Wolfers releases most of his music. He describes his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack, The Hague electronix, combined with deep Chicago trax, obscure and romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks and a lot more". Initially influenced by early Detroit Techno and Chicago acid tracks, Legowelt moved on to more and more experimental sounds until finally discovering the Bunker Records crew in his hometown, The Hague. He has since released dozens of records under more artist names than anyone could possibly keep track of. We are glad that we were finally able to bring someone from Bunker Records, who we've admired from afar for years, to play at The Bunker in Brooklyn.

Long term resident of Geneva, Kadebostan is a rising star. His productions are multi-influenced by musical history, fusing elements such as jazz and classical music with electronic sounds and rhythms. Released on labels such as Freude-am-Tanzen and Fenou, his EP�s have all been highly acclaimed, leading to live slots at clubs such as Watergate and Panorama Bar. But nothing has prepared listeners for his work with the Belarus band Rational Diet, a 6-piece avant-garde group that has led to the formation of National Fanfare of Kadebostany. A project originally commissioned by Unsound, National Fanfare have become Kadebostan�s band, and will release a live album on Mental Groove. For Unsound Festival New York, Kadebostan will perform one of his famed live shows, highly energetic and danceable.

Born in 1980 and raised in the Detroit area, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood. His music quickly caught the ear of Omar S, who released two of his EPs on his own FXHE imprint. His debut album was released in early May 2009 by Denmark based label Echocord. With eight years of DJ experience, he is regarded as a perfectionist in his live sets and behind the decks, layering his tracks in a very detailed and hypnotic manner. Luke has played at notable venues and events such as Culture Box, Panorama Bar, Fabric, Unit, and DEMF. In 2010, Luke will be launching his own label (DeepLabs), and releasing an EP as Reference (with Brian Kage) on Carl Craig's Planet-e. Tonight marks his debut New York appearance.

Patrick Russell is a serious name to watch. A Detroit-bred DJ, artist and producer since the early 90's, Patrick has played countless clubs, parties, and high-profile events throughout his career. His resume highlights include everything from performing at the 2001 & 2008 DEMF/Movement festivals to an exclusive opening for Jeff Mills in Detroit in 2007. Not to mention, we heard he did some MAJOR damage opening for Scion for the Detroit stop on their tour. His taste has always been impeccable and his sets just get better and better as time progresses. And fans in Detroit and beyond are taking notice, as many of them are singing the praises of his artistry very loudly these days. We have been wanting to get him in at Bunker since we were in Subtonic, and the time has finally come.

Derek Plaslaiko has long been the resident at The Bunker, and is widely considered to be one of the best DJs in New York (The Village Voice named him New York's Best Techno DJ in 2006's "Best Of" poll). Derek pretty much blows up The Bunker every single month, often outshining the world famous special guests from all over the world. 2009 was a good year for Derek, as he continued to heavily tour the United States, and even made appearances at Berghain and Club der Visionaire in Berlin. Also, his mix of all Spectral material was part of the "Spectral 50" release, on, you guessed it, Spectral Sound. We expect a lot from him, but in 2010 you can expect much more as Derek focuses more energy into his own productions and finally releasing some music.

Bryan Kasenic (aka Spinoza) is known in the electronic music world for throwing many successful parties, playing adventurous DJ sets, launching an influential newsletter, and starting Beyond, his own booking agency. In addition to many sets at The Bunker and House-N-Home in Brooklyn, 2009 saw Spinoza travel for gigs at Watergate in Berlin, Unsound Festival in Krakow, Communikey Festival in Boulder, and Decibel Festival in Seattle. In January 2010, he will be celebrating the seventh anniversary of his infamous party, The Bunker, and helping to organize the first Unsound New York Festival.