The Bunker presents [a]pendics.shuffle and Mark S. Crux at Galapagos

The Bunker presents [a]pendics.shuffle and Mark S. Crux at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Kenneth James Gibson (best known as [a]pendics.shuffle) is a man of many personas. Keeping up with him can be a time consuming, yet rewarding venture into sound. As soon as you think you know him and can grasp what's going on, he puts on yet another mask and becomes something else. Always a surprise and never a let down, he gives us what we want but don't expect. A rare stone in today's musical climate, Ken is rolling and collects no moss.

Ken's first recordings were as the guitarist, singer, part time keyboardist and producer of the 90's indie rock band Furry Things. He slowly grew tired of being in a "band" and started producing a slew of electronic mish mash on his own as Eight Frozen Modules. Starting out with a guitar, half broken sampler (given to him by King Coffee of the legendary Texas band The Butthole Surfers), a drum machine, borrowed synths and a four track, Ken laid down an off kilter mix of electro, abstract hip hop, dub and techno.

In 1997, Ken moved from Austin Texas to the big city of Los Angeles, California. After releasing a few records as Eight Frozen Modules on various labels such as Trance Syndicate and City Slang, he gave up the 4 track and guitar for a desktop computer and software. While taking a few years off from releasing music, he learned how to create a new world in the land of computers. After 3 years of not leaving his padded studio cell, he resurfaced with the 2001 Eight Frozen Modules CD "Random Activities and Broken Sunsets", a mix of glitched out electro, techno, and idm for the LA label, Phthalo. Since then, he has also released music under the names [a]pendics.shuffle, The Premature Wig, dubLoner, Electronic Music Composer, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Hiss and Buzz (with Jack Dangers), and most recently as Kenneth James G., and KJ Gibbs for labels such as Mo's Ferry Productions, Adjunct, Resopal, Floppy Funk, Budenzauber, Orac, Mineral, Tigerbeat 6, Skor, Planet-Mu, g25/ Very Friendly, Proptronix, Headinghome, Shockout, Narita, Disco Inc., Mille Plateaux, Orthlorng Musork, Plateaux Resistance and Sunset Diskos ... just to name a few.

Currently Ken is living in Echo Park California and has been producing a ton of music and traveling around the world. He has also started his own label with Orac co-founder Konstantin Gabbro, called Adjunct. With Adjunct they are releasing what they call "computer funk", their own special brand of funky, minimal, avant-garde techno. Does all this you just read make sense? Maybe not in your world, but in Ken's world it's just another day.

Born and raised in NYC, Mark Krüx started his DJ career as a Hip Hop DJ playing college parties, and began concentrating more on house and techno around 1993. In the years since, Krüx has played at clubs like Tunnel, Filter 14 and Save The Robots here in New York and at various one-off events in Detroit, LA, London and Germany alongside artists such as Plexus, Richie Hawtin, Dinky, Magda, Underground Resistance and Troy Pierce. Mark has been Techno Singles Editor for URB Magazine since 2004 and was Managing Editor of the Detroit based from 1998 to 2000, during which time he developed close ties to the techno community in the Motor City. With the contacts built up over the years as a writer and DJ, Krüx has amassed a huge, very eclectic record collection and receives new music before almost anyone else. Mark is known for playing deep tracky cuts with a dark edge and heavy basslines - he aims to keep the dancefloor moving and tailors his sets accordingly.