The Bunker presents a CSM Label Night with John Selway, Alexi Delano, and Dave Turov at Galapagos

The Bunker presents a CSM Label Night with John Selway, Alexi Delano, and Dave Turov at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

John Selway's bio is mind bogglingly long and impressive, so we'll just give you a brief synapsis. Selway has been surrounded by music his whole life, studying violin and piano by age 5. He started working on electronic music at the ripe age of 12, and released his first record by 19. He co-produced records with Oliver Chesler (the Horrorist), BT, Ali Shirazinia, and Scott Richmond early in his career. In the mid-90's, he started the Serotonin record label, putting out tons of dope releases, including the very first Fischerspooner record. He then went on to work with Abe Duque and Christian Smith, touring the globe and earning lots of praise. He is currently very busy with his new label Memory Boy (retro Italo disco), his Neurotic Drum Band project with Ulysses, the CSM label with Dave Turov, and many other collaborations and projects that will see the light of day soon.

Alexi Delano started DJing in the mid-1980's as his love for hip-hop, R+B, Funk, and Soul pushed him to spread his musical tastes to the world around him. Born in Chile, and raised in Sweden, Alexi started a radio show from a suburb of Stockholm at the tender age of 15. In the late 1980's, Alexi took a trip to Spain where he discovered electronic music and more specifically, house music. Upon returning to Sweden, Alexi's interest in electronic based dance music was born. Teaming up with his friend Cari Lekebusch, Alexi and Cari co-produced Alexi's first record entitled 'Life on the Other Side' for Swedish based Loop records. After being received very well by the dance community, Alexi started to produce more and more for a number of different labels including Cari Lekebush's own imprint Hybrid, Tim Taylor's imprint Missile, Steve Bug's label Raw Elements, Plumphouse, Svek, Jericho, Primevil, Christian Smith's Strive label, Earthtones, and Plastic City. He has since managed to release a mind boggling number of releases on labels around the world. In the mid-1990's, Alexi relocated to NYC to seek both new inspirations while at the same time developing his skills as a musical producer. Since transplanting to NYC, Alexi has continued assaulting the dance floors world-wide with his DJing around the continent, many solo productions as well as collaborations with artists such as Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebusch, Casey Hogan, Xpansul, and Lucas Rodenbush. To this day, Alexi continues to stay relevant with releases on Plus8, Clink, and many other labels. Alexi is a living legend in the techno world who literally lives a few blocks from us, yet we've never managed to snag him for a proper Bunker gig. The stars have finally aligned and we're bringing him in for this CSM showcase.

Born in Uzbekistan and raised 1980's Brooklyn immigrant style, east-west transitions and ghetto blasters where a way of life for Dave Turov. He had some success with rock bands in the 1990's, but eventually was deeply inspired by the scene at Twilo: people like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, and John Selway opened doors via that sound system from which there was no return. Consulting for software companies by day, the next few years were spent DJing techno and electro in NYC by night while studying the cycles of music, scene, and city. The next step was producing events under the Muzzy moniker with help from Abe Duque, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Heather Heart, Traxx, Dinky, Magda, and Stewart Walker to help hold up techno and electro in NYC. 2003 was the time for relocation to Berlin Germany where a centralizing electronic music community, an east-west culture, and several music technology companies were thriving. With transition came new inspiration from a variety of sources. Now, with NYC compatriot John Selway, CSM Records was re-launched in Europe on which original music and remix work flowed. In conjunction with CSM, the M party series (M-ittwoch + Mamstag) started in 2005 showcasing talent like Dan Bell, Luciano, Zip, Jay Haze, and many others lending their sound for M in venues like WMF and Watergate. Dave is an old friend and we're glad to host him on one of his increasingly rare visits to his hometown.