The Bunker presents Akiko Kiyama, Eidolon, and Zemi 17 at Galapagos

The Bunker presents Akiko Kiyama, Eidolon, and Zemi 17 at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Akiko Kiyama has been making and performing her special brand of microhouse in Tokyo since 2002. Her debut EP came out on Süd Electronic in 2004, and she recently provided tracks for a Contexterrior EP and Richie Hawtin's "Transitions" mix CD. She made a big splash this year with a slew of releases on Safari Electronique, District of Corruption, Contexterrior, Revolver, and NYC imprint Thema. Akiko played for us back in April upstairs at Tonic, and really impressed the hell out of everyone there. Her sound is very unique and deep, and instantly stands out from the sea of techno productions coming out lately.

For being somewhat of a background figure, Eidolon's Discography is quite impressive. Having founded Abiotic Recordings with Dustin Zahn in 2000, he has been off and running ever since he released as The Attack People. His solo work has gained him great attention as well. His releases as Eidolon from last year alone reached such labels as Modern Recording Company, Syndikaat, and Agaric's We Are imprint. And his releases on Shadow Fax and Luxa Flex are still getting played here at The Bunker. Having travelled the globe performing his live sets, he has gained quite a reputation for having a wide range of Techno sounds from ass-shaking electro, mind jiggling minimal, ear splitting 4/4 techno and just about every style in between. We have been trying to get him out for us for quite sometime, so we were excited to hear he was just passing through NYC for a visit. We couldnt resist snatching him up for an hour.

Zemi17 is a Brooklyn composer, media artist, electronic music producer and DJ. He co-founded the Ransom Corp, 23 windows Studio, and WJMZ. He co-curated the Resonant Wave Festival in Berlin and upon returning from years in Indonesia, often performs alongside Amoeba Technology and at The Danger events. Zemi17 music has remained diverse and flexible in style and instrumentation over the last decade. From the Balinese Trompong to scrap metal string homemade instruments, turntables and found percussion, the music retains a captivating integrity dedicated to conscious evolution through sound creation. Zemi17's Live PA is a genre called "Space Haus". He weaves field recordings of insects, birds and frogs with samples of Indonesian gongs and gamelan instruments with a minimal techno sensibility. The bass lines and kicks are made from large hanging gongs from central Java and Bali. The highs may be Hindu prayer bells, high pitched metalaphones, and more often than not, insect calls cut into short percussive samples. The mids and melodies are morphs from gamelan instruments. Snares and other things marking breaks are mostly sourced from sticks striking bamboo, hand drums, and slamming of doors.