The Bunker presents Frivolous & Eric Cloutier at Galapagos

The Bunker presents Frivolous & Eric Cloutier at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Classifying the unusual character of Frivolous is a challenge. His school-teachers all tried and failed, finally attributing his unconventionality to a learning disability and decidedly closing the case on him completely. Born and raised on a farm in the suburbs of Vancouver, Grades were always mediocre at best for young Daniel, until one semester a mysterious new course emerged into the curriculum; Electronic Music Composition. Suddenly discovered, were honor roll grades, and a means to merge an imaginative young mind with over a decade of fiercely enforced classical piano training.

In 1996, captivated by the unified dance floors and Detroit sounds, the 16-year-old embarked on a life-long love-affair with the loop and took his first DJ residency at a Vancouver afterhours. After two successfully directionless years studying electronics and design, and after dabbling with some independent releases, Daniel decided to put his pride aside and demo his accomplishments. A CD of incomplete works were sent out as an experiment to 5 of the most innovative labels in Germany, and received back were 3 requests to release it. The encouragement and new-found confidence led to the birth of the project Frivolous.

Now with more than 40 releases and over a dozen 12"s to his name, Frivolous has toured the globe playing an eclectic array of venues and festivals along the way. It's been over a year since Daniel joined us at the Bunker, and he's released a great album on ~scape in the meantime.

In a genre and movement all too predictable with the same fifty records playing forever on a continuous loop, Eric Cloutier is quietly making himself stand out amongst Detroit's next generation of producers and DJ's. He began on the same circuit of Detroit parties and clubs most have traveled, eventually establishing residencies at Ann Arbor's Necto and Detroit's prominent after hours party spot, The Works. He also performed at both 2004's Movement festival as well as 2006's Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and has shared the decks with fellow Detroit DJ's Matthew Dear, Derek Plaslaiko and Ryan Elliott. In 2005, he was handpicked as a chosen replacement for the next batch of DJ's at Detroit's monthly Untitled parties. He has since gone on to be label manager for the label Subtrak, which is slowly making waves amongst deeper minimal fans. Tasteful yet mildly abrasive, his blend of minimal techno infused with dub sensibilities firmly entrenches his sound in Detroit's rich past while looking towards the future.

Plus Resident DJ: Spinoza (the Bunker, Beyond | NYC)

Chillout Room in the front 2-4am: North Guinea Hills (NYC)