The Bunker presents Mikael Stavöstrand at Galapagos

The Bunker presents Mikael Stavöstrand at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Mikael Stavöstrand was born in Stockholm in 1972 and is now based in Berlin. He has been featured as a key figure of the Swedish electronic music scene for his unique interpretations of minimal club techno as well as for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic music of the past decade.

He started to produce music in the early 90s as a part of the industrial scene and released many records under different names. Due to increasing demand from different labels, he agreed to allow reissues of these early works.

After that period he got more interested in sound research and minimalism, which led to a couple CD releases on Staalplaat. In 2000, he became more focused on bringing is experiences and sound from the pure minimal scene into a more club context, so he started to work with minimal techno sounds, which very quickly led to releases on Force Inc. in Germany.

On his debut album on Force Inc., "Reduce", swarms of glitches, crackles and skips infiltrate the 4/4 drive formula of minimal techno. As Vita, his 12" on Force Labs was met with critical praise and became one of the Force Inc's best selling releases with its digitalized organic groove.

The last few years he has been playing live around the globe, at Mutek in Canada and in Mexico; Japan; and all over Europe at respected clubs such as Panorama Bar, Watergate, Otto Zuts, Cargo, and Brancaleone. At the moment he is also working on different collaborations: the Luus project together with Johan Fotmeijer; a duo with [a]pendics.shuffle; Skugge & Stavstrand; and the Bulgur Brothers together with Johan Skugge and Andreas Tilliander.

2006 has been a very busy year for Mikael, with releases on Karat, Adjuct, Audiobahn, Mo's Ferry, Rrygular, Contexterrior, Mineral, Sunset Diskos, Sushitech, Audiobahn, Spectral, and more.

Since 2000, Stavöstrand has runs the Mitek label. The aim of the label is to produce, release and promote new Scandinavian artists within the field of experimental electronic music, including everything that's exciting between abstract minimalism and experimental techhouse. Mitek has so far produced 14 albums, 5 eps and two t-shirts. In the years Mitek has not only been a label releasing music, but also an organisation putting on showcases of Swedish electronic music around Europe and Japan.

The summer of 2006 saw the birth of Mikael's new label "Sunset Diskos", a label purely for deep and funky club music with artists such as himself, [a]pendics.shuffle, Agaric, and Bulgur Brothers.

Recently Mikael licensed tracks for Audions Fabric mix CD, a new mix CD by James Holden, Circo Loco @ DC10 CD in Mixmag March issue, and Fuse presents Steve Bug CD.