The Bunker presents the Love’s Secret Domain Afterparty with Flaming Fire, The Bloody Wallets, David Last, and Attentat at Luna Lounge

The Bunker presents the Love’s Secret Domain Afterparty with Flaming Fire, The Bloody Wallets, David Last, and Attentat at Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Avenue
21+, 9p-4a

Tonight we present a special afterparty for the Love's Secret Domain Art Exhibit at 3rd Ward, which was curated by Bunker hostess/photographer Seze Devres, and features work from many good friends of the Bunker, including Seze, Deniz Kurtel (who has done many light installations at Wolf + Lamb parties), David Last (who has performed frequently at the Bunker over the years), Ali Demerel (video guy for M_nus record label), Scott Draves (aka Spot, who does visuals at The Danger and other places), J.G. Thirwell (of Foetus), and many more. We are starting early to accomodate the post-opening crowd, with two live bands to start things off, and a special $5 cover all night long.

Flaming Fire is a metaphysical collective dedicated to making music and electronic/print art that comments on the universal ache to know meaning and/or a higher power through religion, belief and myth. Aside from their musical project, Flaming Fire are also attempting to gather 36,665 illustrations for The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible, an online version of the King James Bible with all new pictures for each verse. The New Yorker has this to say about them: "The Brooklyn-based collective Flaming Fire is more like an evangelical church congregation than like a conventional rock group, with its leader, Patrick Hambrecht, in the role of preacher and the other members (including his wife, Kate) as his loyal followers. The group's songs pair deceptively simple Residents-like riffs and occasional bursts of noise with fearsome, Biblical-sounding group chants and call-and-response singing. Most refreshing are Hambrecht's seriousness and fervor". Flaming Fire are old friends of Seze and have promised a special set to celebrate this psychedelic evening.

David Last's tracks often combine dancefloor energy with the deeper-leaning funk of dancehall, dub, latin music and hip hop. All this stuff is probably present in one way or another in his tracks, but it's still something new. A new foodgroup... too simple to call it dancefloor dub, or field funk, or maximal tech(no!)... it's purely his own style, instantly recognizable. David has become known internationally for his soundcraft and deeply funky rhythmic sense, which may be a result of having played drums with NYC bands. David has been collaborating with Japanese tech-house producer Segeke on a project called Pocket Pet. Pocket Pet has already hit dancefloors hard with EPs on Goosehound (NYC) and Geometric Deck (Osaka). David's solo tracks are currently released in a variety of contexts with labels like Staubgold (Berlin), Goosehound (NYC), and Unfoundsound (Philly), with an upcoming release on Akufen's Musique Risquée imprint. He has remixed for many others including indie psych-rock label The Social Registry (NYC) and Audio.NL (Rotterdam). His downtempo full-length CD "The Push Pull" is now in its second printing with The Agriculture label, having gained respect from critics and a sizable cult following. Aside from his many accomplishments as a musician, David is also an amazing visual artist who creates the artwork for most of his releases and has two paintings in the Love's Secret Domain show.

Thomas Kamholz (aka Attentat) has been DJing since the ripe age of seventeen. These days, Thomas finds himself as cofounder of the Denver based record label Dope Recordings, and as musical director for the illustrious Communikey crew. Over the years, as a member of Communikey, Thomas has found himself playing alongside such names as Jan Jelinek, Bruno Pronsato, Geoff White, Mossa and many others. When not busy helping run the Dope label, or planning the next Communikey event, Thomas finds the time to lock himself in the studio striving to become a scholar of shaking asses. These endeavors have been released on the Dope Recordings label on, which has been steadily growing in popularity for several years. Residing in Colorado since 1999, Thomas has established himself as a Rocky Mountain favorite, able to hold it down amongst the heavy hitters that pass through the state. With a decade of experience on his plate, Thomas has proven himself a master chef at moving a crowd and throwing it down. We were completely blown away when we saw him play in Boulder earlier this year, and he did not disappoint in his NYC debut at the Bunker in January, so we're very excited for his return.

The Bloody Wallets are the new metal project of Cotter Luppi, who has work in the LSD show. They play mid to fast tempo metal music that uses improvisation mixed with set song structures. The Bloody wallets are among other contemporary metal bands that wish to expand on the esoteric tenants of metal and discredit the American sports culture that nearly destroyed metal in the mid nineties.