The Bunker presents Seth Troxler at Luna Lounge

The Bunker presents Seth Troxler at Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Avenue
21+, 12a-4a

Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, Satan shat out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the fetus of Seth Troxler. Seth was placed on earth as a weeping fetus, the sound of inevitability. As he grew, his ancestral roots took on a magnetic channeling power, more than his feeble mind could ever consciously fathom. As a result, he became capable of creating some of the world's finest and most intuitive dance cuts, including releases on FXHE, Esperanza and his hits "Satisfy" and "Love Berzereker" on Beretta Grey, and upcoming releases on Dumb Unit and Spectral in early 2007. Through a preternatural understanding of rave, Seth conjours up mixes like Botticelli conjoured his Venus.

He has played many outstanding international gigs, notably Panorama Bar, Watergate, Robert Johnson, Batofar and Wolf + Lamb. He is also a key conceptual force behind America's "Tesh Club" parties with partners in crime Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss. His musical influences include the chirping of crickets, the whirring of space ships, and the sweet sounds of whistling voodoo magic. However, Seth draws the majority of his inspiration from Robert Downey Jr., and the idea of releasing the shackles that bind Downey so he can finally do heroin in peace. On cold Detroit evenings one can often witness Seth Troxler in his front yard, situated beside an overly-cumbersome boombox in a nylon tracksuit, jacking his body to old Dancemania cuts and cooking bbq. To view first hand such a rare delight is truly magic.