The Bunker presents a M_nus Label Showcase with Marc Houle and Tractile at subTonic

The Bunker presents a M_nus Label Showcase with Marc Houle and Tractile at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Marc Houle's first solo release was an amazing double 12" on M_nus that dropped in 2004 and immediately turned heads at the Bunker and throughout the minimal techno community. Marc's Run Stop Restore collective, which includes Magda and Troy Pierce, has also released many stunning tracks on M_nus. His unique brand of jacking minimalism is influenced as much by Kraftwerk and 80's synthpop as it is by Dan Bell and classic Chicago acid house. Houle's constantly evolving live set gets better every time we see him. He has another double 12" coming soon on M_nus, so expect alot of new material.

If someone was asked what it would sound like if all of the most frightening, most exciting and sexiest scenes in cinema history were spliced together and merged with a robotic dance score, "Tractile" would surely be the reply. Adam Young and Joel Boychuk, with several years of miscellaneous music experience behind them and a few years as great friends and partners-in-crime, decided to reinvent their sound and call themselves Tractile. Having been obsessed with the concept of controlling the uncontrollable and seducing recorded sound of any kind, the name was a suiting merge between the words track and tactile. Boychuk and Young played their first public live show in 2003 and have continued to shake dance-floors ever since, always impressing and exciting their audience far beyond expectation. Influenced by a strange combination of filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas and the evolution of techno music and emergence of the minimal sound through artists like Richie Hawtin and Jeff Milligan, Tractile delivers barrages of demented but motivating tech grooves perfect for dance floors and at-home listeners alike. WIth a track on the new M_nus min2MAX compilation, and more to come soon, you will be hearing about these guys alot in the near future.