The Bunker presents Andy Vaz and Filastine at subTonic

The Bunker presents Andy Vaz and Filastine at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Andy Vaz manages and curates Background Recordings, which has been a major force in the presentation of minimal techno, introducing and educating the world to the geographic variable influences that exist within the genre with almost 50 releases from a very impressive artist roster (Akufen, Stewart Walker, Oliver Hacke, Portable, Pan/Tone, Sutehk, and Deadbeat to name but a few). Andy began to release his own music to much acclaim in 2000, beginning with his Sounds_variation series, based on the use of the same sounds, re-used throughout, giving each track another musical approach by pushing each instrument in a different compositional direction by re-arrangement, toneshifting and by adding/changing effects in order to demonstrate that a defined production criteria brings forth maximal results through the process of limitation within a lo-fi aestethic. He is well known for tearing it up live, and has live sets documented on his 'Live in Tokyo" CD on Soundvariation and "Live in Detroit" on Persistencebit.

Filastine has performed at the Bunker many times, and tonight we are happy to celebrate the release of his "Burn It" album on our friend DJ /Rupture's Soot imprint. Filastine plays ridiculous fukt up lactose intolerant (no cheese) global breaks ... tribal desert rhythms that crawl down your spine and put your hips in motion. He has lit up the Bunker dancefloor perhaps more than any other guest we've had. Sound is action in Filastine's world. He founded the 20-piece anarchist marching band Infernal Noise Brigade, conducts guerilla activist interventions with custom-built soundsystems, and has been gassed, assaulted, or arrested by police of many uniforms.