The Bunker presents Someone Else, Socks and Sandals, Ezekiel Honig, and Morgan Packard at subTonic

The Bunker presents Someone Else, Socks and Sandals, Ezekiel Honig, and Morgan Packard at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Microcosm has solidified it's reputation as one of the most well known and respected electronic music labels in North America. They recently signed a P&D deal with Kompakt (meaning Kompakt takes care of making and selling all the records for them), which should see them garner even more recognition in 2006. Tonight we are celebrating the release of Socks and Sandals' "Shatter" EP, which is the first Microcosm release to get the full Kompakt treatment.

Socks and Sandals is Clark ov Saturn and Sean Smith. They are the masters of fake German techno (although they have been getting more serious lately). These guys keep getting better with each performance, and they have been tearing the roof off with recent live sets. They have released their debut 7" on their own label DIY style, and have a split 10" on Microcosm with Miskate. Tonight we celebrate their graduation to a full 12" release! These guys have a ton of releases in the works, and are ready to really explode onto the international scene in 2006. Hopefully they will remember us as they trot the globe playing awesome techno parties.

Ezekiel Honig is a drum'n'bass DJ turned melodic micro techno producer. His debut album on his own Microcosm imprint turned alot of heads and was very well received by critics and music fans alike. His sound is subdued and beautiful, filled with "mistakes" and sneaky little melodies. He put out an album last year with Morgan Packard, with whom he'll be playing live tonight. These guys played a gorgeouos set of groovy dubby techno together at the Bunker back in May.

Someone Else's Foundsound and Unfoundsound labels are currently the US's best answer to all of the amazing bleepy minimal funk that has been streaming out of Germany for the past few years. His records have gotten heavy play from everyone from Richie Hawtin to John Peel (RIP). After a recent successful tour of Europe and South America, he has upcoming releases on many different labels. One of the tracks from his Microcosm EP is going to open the new Michael Mayer Kompakt mix CD. He's played the Bunker at least 5 times, and he ALWAYS ignites the dancefloor.