The Bunker presents Deadbeat, DJ Broken Window, Sean Smith, and Wolf + Lamb at subTonic

The Bunker presents Deadbeat, DJ Broken Window, Sean Smith, and Wolf + Lamb at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

All 3 Deadbeat full lengths on ~scape have been spun many times in the early evening at the Bunker, and they usually bring the trainspotters running up to find out what the hell it is. Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat) makes impossibly deep digital dub that somehow avoids all of the dub cliches and puts a fresh spin on the decades-old genre. As amazing as the albums are, you really have to see the live set to fully appreciate the sound. He had heads spinning and hips shaking at his last subTonic gig. His new album has a subversive poltical edge (something that is sadly absent in most electronic music), and we deeply respect that at the Bunker.

DJ Broken Window is a very talented DJ from Portland. He has two "Parallel Universe" releases on the Tigerbeat6 offshoot Violent Turd. He could be dismissed as just another tired mash-up artist, but that's really overlooking the genius of these CDs. All of his mixes are done live with vinyl, and match up two songs perfectly from start to finsh. He even includes instructions on how each track was created in the liner notes. The results are incredible. His mash-ups include hilarious unlikey pairings like Underground Resistance and Walter Carlos, The Mills Brothers with Pantytec, Simple Minds with Naughty by Nature, and many more tracks showcasing what must be a very massive record collection. Tonight he is throwing down a DJ set and doing some live electronic drumming.

Wolf + Lamb are gaining much noteriety in the NYC scene by throwing insane afterhours parties for the Bunker that go until Saturday afternoon. They are also great DJs who utilize Ableton Live software to weave gorgeous sets of warm bath techno, fukt up ambient, and heroin house. See their website for some nice downloads.

Sean Smith is one half of the infamous Socks and Sandals duo, who have rocked the Bunker many times. We caught his new solo set at the ImageNode benefit and it was completely out of control. Deep dark crunchy minimal techno aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

The Bunker Afterhours there will possibly be an afterhours for the Bunker this week. you'll have to show up at subTonic to find out ...