The Bunker presents Mark Verbos, Sheldon Drake, Skism, Jake Mandell, Jeffers Egan, Charles Cohen, and Leisure Muffin at subTonic

The Bunker presents Mark Verbos, Sheldon Drake, Skism, Jake Mandell, Jeffers Egan, Charles Cohen, and Leisure Muffin at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

As usual, we skipped the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year (it's really not our cup of tea at all). When everybody came back, the word on the street was that a big festival highlight was Mark Verbos's amazing acid house set using all the classic Roland hardware (TR-909, TR-707, TR-808, MC-202, and of course the TB-303). Verbos is a veteran of the early 90's midwest rave scene, where he played many Drop Bass parties, so he knows a thing or two about acid. He never looked back and has been producing great records and playing at huge parties ever since, building up a formidable discography. Check out his website for proof of all this and some nice downloads. Tonight he will be playing his live acid house set.

From New York, Skism started playing to fight the boredom and stagnation that had set in to the scene. Clearly under the influence of XTrax, UR and Hardfloor, they recorded a demo-tape which drew attention to the band and got them to play their first shows. They recorded and released the Crossover and Come To Your Senses EP (on their own RUN-ROC label) which found its way into the record bag of many acid dj's. The band continues to focus on their live set, delivering relentless techno and a positive message with their 909 and 303.

Sheldon is a psychedelic ambient master. Deep and dark and beautiful (and sometimes terrifying!). But he's got other tricks in his bag that rumble through rock, techno, dub, and yoga digs. He co-hosted one of the city's longest running experimental parties, Undercity, at Halcyon, with DJ Spinoza. Tonight we celebrate his birthday.

Jake Mandell had much success in the mid to late 90's with his productions that spanned drum'n'bass, idm, techno, ambient, and lots of cool stuff that you cannot put a genre tag on. Lately, he has been busy working on software in Europe, and doesn't get out to play live gigs so much. We're psyched to have him join us at the Bunker.

Jeffers Egan is a video artist who has worked with Jake Mandell extensively. They released the "Slither" DVD on K20, which De:Bug called "the most advanced and brutal trip imaginable in the current field of visuals." He also produced some of the visual elements for the live Plastikman set at Mutek in 2004.

Charles Cohen has been playing his Buchla Music Easel for 20+ years, and it's safe to say that he has completely mastered the instrument. He can basically make any noise he wants on the fly. He also has an uncanny ability to put all his bloops and bleeps in just the right place in an improv setting. Come see a master at work who truly deserves the deepest respect from all of us.

Leisure Muffin, (Michael Hopkins), has been making electronic music since the early 90's and his style cris crosses everything from ambient to electro, hip hop, minimal house, and dub. Textures, layers, and incredible beats follow suit with recordings and performances featuring a careful mix of analog synthesizers, laptop, and live instruments. He prefers to play live and has collaborated extensively with many others in fantastic ways.