The Bunker presents CX Kidtronik and Clay at subTonic

The Bunker presents CX Kidtronik and Clay at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 9p-3a

Well, we missed this line-up a few weeks ago because of THE BLACKOUT. So we are trying again. It will be more fun than candles.

CX is a top selector and a damn exquisite mixer. We've heard him play hardcore techno, sweet breaks, old school hip-hop, and videogame noise bleeps in a single set !!! he's one of new york's secret weapons and a great party DJ. come ready to dance. word. Also note the CX will be performing with Airborn Audio (the new Anti-Pop ensemble, minus Beans) upstairs at midnight for $10!

Clay is mysterious, as most radio people are. All that can be known of him is that A) he is from Australia B) he hosts WFMU's Pounding System on Monday Nights C) his playlists include everything from mild-mannered Morr IDM to heavy hip hop, Kraut rock and techno, leftfield rare psychedellic dub, and so on. He manages all this in an extraordinarily beautiful way.