Going In on The Bunker Stream at The Bunker Stream

Going In on The Bunker Stream at The Bunker Stream
7p-9p ET
by Donation

Start: Friday March 26, 7pm EDT End: Sunday March 28, 9:30pm EDT

Going In is a sub-label of The Bunker New York, dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards meditation, psychedelic ceremonies, yoga, massage, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself.

On March 26-28, Going In will present a 48+ hour happening on The Bunker Stream. All 43 artists who’ve been carefully selected to participate believe in the life affirming power of music to transport and heal.

ANTHONY CHILD, who has appeared at The Bunker multiple times as Surgeon, presents one of his live improvised modular sets. RROSE, who has also presented their time and space bending techno sets at The Bunker many times, will be joining us with a dj/live hybrid set. THE JUAN MACLEAN of DFA records, who has a drone album dropping soon on Going In, will perform a live set with GEE DEE, his partner in a series of deeply psychedelic sound bath / slow motion dance parties in NYC.

Other guests include JO JOHNSON from the UK, whose album on Further Records is one of our favorite releases of the past decade. Ohio’s John Elliott of Emeralds, Outer Space, and really too many projects to list here, presents a live solo work as IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS . PULSE EMITTER of Portland presents a set along the lines of his legendary Meditation Music Series. VAGUE IMAGINAIRES presents a rare live set from his home in Paris. And you can always expect the unexpected from Brooklyn’s own FURTHER REDUCTIONS.

M. GEDDES GENGRAS, who has joined us at The Bunker in the past, and always brings something different to the table is representing the Hudson Valley. Also from the Hudson Valley, we have the debut of COLORBAR, a new project from Bill Patrick and Noah Lampert

Perhaps a not extremely well known fact is that The Bunker has roots that you can follow to the illbient scene in 90s NYC. DJ OLIVE, of WE™ and theAgriculture, and one of our longest standing friends and allies from the NYC scene, presents a piece along the lines of his legendary Sleeping Pill series. CHRISTINA WHEELER, now based in Berlin, also a friend from way back in the day, presents an improvised live set programmed to take you deep inside.

Going In label artists LEISURE MUFFIN, RYAN CROSSON, ÖSTERHOLM, CARL RITGER, J.F. BURMA present live sets of all new material while label alum BLACKLAUREN treats us to a DJ set. THE LONE FLANGER, whose design company Loveland Studio of Design (L.S.D.) provided the flyer for this event, will present a 4 hour excerpt of his upcoming Going In release “The Endless Cycle Of Death and Rebirth”, which will be a 10 hour piece designed to sync with an LSD ceremony. Also expect live sets from PHIL YEAH and KROBA, both of whom have releases coming on Going In later in 2021.

Familiar names from The Bunker New York family who have upcoming releases on Going In will present live sets of that work here for the first time: ABBY ECHIVERRI, ANTENES, CLAY WILSON, GUNNAR HASLAM, and LDY OSC.

ZEMI17’S GAMELATRON project, with an upcoming release on The Bunker NY, presents a live performance on the Gamelatron Roh Ageng (meaning “Great Spirit” in Javanese), which is currently being exhibited at Lyman Allyn Art Museum in Connecticut. A Gamelatron is sound producing kinetic sculpture that has to be seen to be believed.

New Age legend J.D. EMMANUEL of Texas is making a rare appearance. Ceremonial medicine musicians KÉREN and ERIC MARGAN take us even deeper.

Late night DJ sets to space out to will come from The Bunker New York and Going In founder BRYAN KASENIC, Detroit legend CARLOS SOUFFRONT, Brooklyn ambient party crew HYPNOTIC SPA, MAREENA & JAKOJAKO from Unrush in Berlin, VICKI SIOLOS of the Bright Patterns show on The Lot, Chicago’s SOLD from A Mirage Appears and Motherbeat, and Brooklyn’s own JAN WOO.

In addition to all of the music performances, we will start off with Nancy Kim’s HOUSE OF COSE doing a piece on set and setting, plus a guided meditation from The Bunker label artist RRAO. JES ALLEN takes us through a meditation and yoga nidra practice (you just need a comfy place to lay down to participate), and THE DOJO UPSTATE presents a sound healing session (getting horizontal with a blindfold and good headphones recommended).

Psychedelic visuals to push you further will be provided by ACE, who has been a staple of The Bunker Stream for nearly a year now.

The Going In stream is funded by your donations, so please show some appreciation. Donations will be split amongst all participating artists and The Okra Project. The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever they can reach them.

Furthermore, it seems that all contradictions are converging, going inwards, into a new reality—towards an entirely new epoch of consciousness. This tendency towards GOING IN gathers together disparate energies, but to a certain extent also fuses, merges, and explodes out when critical mass has been reached. At its most fundamental level, OUR MUSIC is an attempt to identify, collect and direct (but never fully control) these trajectories or lines of flight—to use the Deleuzian term—warping and bending them like rays of light around a supermassive black hole. In search of the patterns that make the patterns, our multi-perspective is one of informed optimism and guarded hope—hope that by GOING IN we do not find ourselves so much at the "end of history" but rather its beginning.