Unter x The Bunker at Paperbox

Unter x The Bunker at Paperbox
17 Meadow Street
21, 10p-10a
$30 FRI 10PM - FRI 11PM | $40 FRI 11PM - SAT 12PM | $30 SAT 12PM - SAT 5PM | $40 SAT 5PM - SUN 6AM | $20 SUN 6AM - CLOSE

re-entry permitted. strictly no smoking inside, no photos, and no jerks!

Sound and lighting by Oxygen Eventworks

The info you've all been waiting for. Everyone take a deep breath and read this ...

Regarding entry, we have sold 200 pre-sale tickets. Like last time, the venue capacity is 450-500. Last time there were a few points at which we had to stop letting people in because we were at capacity. That happened during peak times: 12am to 4am.

We will do our best to mitigate capacity and keep the flow going, but we also strongly advise everyone to avoid entry at the peak times. The easiest times to get in are: Friday 10PM-MIDNIGHT, Saturday 7AM-9PM, Sunday 6AM on. and remember, you can always re-enter with your stamp.

The door prices will be as follows:

$30 FRI 10PM - FRI 11PM

$40 FRI 11PM - SAT 12PM

$30 SAT 12PM - SAT 5PM

$40 SAT 5PM - SUN 6AM


We will have delicious Mexican food options and maybe another surprise on premises—no need to leave the party and face the real world for the entire 36 hours. Additional restrooms will be available in the back yard, like, way in the back, in an alley.

Following up our debut event in March, The Bunker and Unter join forces for another collaborative 36 hour party. In addition to the main techno floor, this time we'll have a second soundsystem serving a chillout room hosted by our friends Mysteries of the Deep at night and moving outdoors in the daytime.

Unter x The Bunker is a safe space where you should be able to have fun in an environment free from harassment and abuse. If you experience anything that makes you uncomfortable, please tell Bryan, Seva, Eryk or any member of our staff about it so that we can intervene. If you encounter homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, or any form of abuse, please let us know immediately. If you harass other patrons in any way, you can expect to have your evening with us cut short, and the authorities notified if necessary. Please look after yourselves and each other.

Headlining the main room with an extended set is Dystopian main man Rødhåd of Berlin, who went from virtually unknown Berghain closer to international superstar in a matter of a few years. Also from Berlin, after annihilating The Bunker LTD at Trans-Pecos last year, the return of Ancient Methods, who has released a slew of his own music on his eponymous label in addition to collaborative releases with Regis as Ugandan Methods. We also have Downwards affiliate and recent Chicago to Berlin transplant Karl Meier, one of the deepest selectors in the game. Representing LA, we have Modularz head honcho Developer. From The Bunker camp, we're bringing back both founder Bryan Kasenic and Patrick Russell, who closed out the party with a 10 hour set last time, and will be playing the main room and ambient room this time around. And of course we have Unter residents Volvox and Modest Glesman.

Both nights, we have a chillout room curated and hosted by Grant Aaron of Mysteries Of The Deep. He's invited some of our favorite local DJs to help us explore The Void™ through ambient music and other sounds from far below the surface. The full lineup includes Grant Aaron, Matthew Patterson Curry, Patrick Russell, Nihal Ramchandani, Clay Wilson, Ken Meier, JD Harrington, and Borne. Check out the most excellent Mysteries Of The Deep podcast series and keep an eye out for their events in NYC: http://mysteriesofthedeep.mx/

From noon to 8pm on Saturday, we take the second room sound system outside for a day party with The Bunker's Mike Servito and Sublimate's Turtle Bugg playing extended sets.