The Bunker Limited with Patrick Russell at Trans Pecos

The Bunker Limited with Patrick Russell at Trans Pecos
915 Wyckoff Avenue
all ages, 10p-6a
$30 at the door

As The Bunker continues to grow significantly, many of you have expressed a desire to turn back the clock to the good ole days when the party was weekly at subTonic for 100 people or so. We miss those days as well, so in 2011 we launched a new series of events called The Bunker Limited. For The Bunker Limited, we bring a ridiculous sound system into a very small space, and limit attendance to 150. Last year we said goodbye to Public Assembly and the small loft space above it that housed The Bunker Limited. In 2014 we relaunched The Bunker Limited in a new art space we could not be more excited to be a part of, Trans Pecos. There will be no guestlist for The Bunker Limited, the only way we can pull this off in a space this small is if everyone pays. The sets at these events are not recorded, and absolutely no photography is allowed inside.

After playing many incredible sets for us since moving to Brooklyn at The Bunker, No Way Back, and Kiss & Tell, it's long overdue that Patrick Russell steps into the spotlight and headlines his own event. It's all too rare in the current scene in New York to see one DJ play all night, and having a local DJ do it is nearly unheard of. We are confident that Patrick will deliver a night to remember.