The Bunker with Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Servito, Bethany Benzur, Wrecked at Public Assembly

The Bunker with Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Servito, Bethany Benzur, Wrecked at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 10p-6a

For this edition of The Bunker, we have invited our good friend Peter Van Hoesen to play a special eight hour set in the back room. In the front room, we are letting the lovely ladies of our sister party Kiss & Tell host the second edition of their infamous gay boyfriends party. Everyone is invited to dress up in yellow and GO BANANAS in honor of our favorite funky fruit.

We are very excited to bring Peter Van Hoesen for his second appearance at The Bunker. Peter is one of the artists who really defined techno for us over the past couple years, and it's doubtful that a single edition of The Bunker has gone by in the past year or so where at least one of his tracks wasn't played. Peter is pretty prolific with pumping out amazing tunes and podcasts, and in many ways his music really speaks for itself, so check out some of his sets in the links provided below. We'd also highly recommend buying a copy of his excellent "Entropic City" album released earlier last year, which proved he can make a cohesive techno album and not just dancefloor 12"s. You can buy this wonderful piece of music directly from Peter at a very reasonable price. Peter is now considered a resident at the Labyrinth festival in Japan, where he will be appearing for the fourth time in row this September. He also regularly appears at Berghain in Berlin and has a residency for his label, Time to Express, at the legendary Fuse club in his hometown of Brussels. Peter's five hour set at The Bunker was so amazing last year that we decided to give him the entire eight hours this time around.

Mike Servito is a DJ's DJ – a lifelong music fanatic with a truly unique ability to move a dance floor. Fearless in his seamless transitions from one style to another, Servito has an unpredictability and a deep trust in his music knowledge that has garnered him a cult following and made him an in-demand DJ the world over. Although Servito is an NYC transplant, his DJ style is unmistakably Detroit. Inspired by Detroit radio the '80s and the city's local DJs in the '90s, Servito came of age in a flourishing electronic music scene, making his debut in 1995 and immediately gaining the attention and respect of his peers and local techno heroes. He has played multiple DEMFs and has held court with some of the best talent in the world. In 2008, Servito became the newest addition to Ghostly's DJ roster, and has happily returned to DJing and traveling the world playing his favorite music. Mike is one of the best DJs in New York City, and we never tire of his sets.

Bethany Benzur is Kiss & Tell's beautiful disco encyclopedia and vinyl purist from Georgia. Ever since she emigrated to Brooklyn in 2007, Bethany has been ruling the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm and excellent taste. Even the deepest crate digging record nerds are regularly awed by her rare records and can be seen trainspotting her selections. Each month she delights us with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. Bethany has recently been moonlighting at The Bunker party with some very memorable opening sets of space disco and house. She also appeared at the Kiss & Tell showcase at Communikey Festival in Boulder, Colorado in April, where she played to a very receptive crowd alongside Kiss & Tell favorite Mike Huckaby.

While shopping for vinyl at a record store, Ryan Smith met Ron Like Hell, a veteran DJ of 19 years. Both excited to meet another like-minded gay individual into timeless musical sounds, past and present, they were inspired to work on a project together. As a result, in partnership with Ashton Anders, the wildly successful Rocket was born at The Hose in NYC's East Village. Since this event they've gone onto create the Soffitta70 parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as well as Sprocket, a large-scale art/music warehouse party in collaboration with Spank. Most recently they started Wrecked at the National Underground. In the past three years, they've played Berlin, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, NYC, Provincetown, Minneapolis and San Francisco, where they DJed for Honey Soundsystem’s Patrick Cowley commemorative party. Currently, Ron is working on music & remixes while Ryan is working on a new label, Discaire Records, with 3 other gents. The duo is always cooking up some exciting new projects and surprises.