The Bunker Limited presents Prosumer at Public Assembly Loft

The Bunker Limited presents Prosumer at Public Assembly Loft
70 North 6th Street
21, 10p-6a

As The Bunker has grown significantly over the past few years, many of you have expressed a desire to turn back the clock to the good ol' days when the party was weekly at subTonic for 100 people or so. We miss those days as well, and have decided to launch a new series of quarterly events called The Bunker Limited. These will take place in the small loft above Public Assembly, and be limited to 150 attendees. We will book DJs who we consider to be among the best in the world to play eight hour sets on a top notch sound system. Tickets are advance only, and there will be no guestlist. The only way we can pull this off in a space this small is if everyone pays.

Prosumer is a Panorama Bar resident, and tonight he will be playing all eight hours of the party. Although he has slowly released a stream of amazing 12"s and even an album on Ostgut Ton with Murat Tepeli, he is more well known for his stunning DJ sets than anything. Prosumer simply GETS the art of DJing in a way that very few people ever have or will. Expect a skillful, emotional, perfectly programmed set full of some of the best house and techno you've ever heard. He's the kind of guy who will expertly read the crowd and give the party exactly what it needs at any given moment. We are honored to launch our new series with Prosumer at the helm.