The Bunker at Lincoln Center with Bryan Kasenic and Seze Devres at Lincoln Center

The Bunker at Lincoln Center with Bryan Kasenic and Seze Devres at Lincoln Center
61 W 62 Street
all ages, 9p-12a

We are please to announce our participation in the new LCDJ series at Lincoln Center. For the first time ever, Bryan and Seze will simply present ourselves instead of hosting other artists. Bryan will be playing a relatively chill DJ mix of music that is moving him at the moment (not necessarily techno) and Seze will be projecting a custom video presentation of her photogram work. The Atrium is a beautiful space that some of you may remember from the opening event of Unsound Festival New York with Vladislav Delay in February. Tom Collichio's 'Wichcraft will be serving delicous sandwiches, bar food, beer, and wine.

Bryan Kasenic (a k a Spinoza) is a powerhouse of the electronic music world. Known as a leading producer, promoter, curator of The Bunker, a monthly Brooklyn-based exploration of techno and related music, Kasenic produced three successful events for the inaugural Unsound Festival New York this past February. The Bunker personifies Kasenic’s approach to DJing; it’s a party for music-obsessed people who want to dance to interesting sounds in a room full of like-minded folks, thrown by people who live for just that and strive to perfect the experience.

Bryan will be accompanied by visual artist Seze Devres, who has designed visual artistry to be projected onto the digital canvas that is the Atrium’s media wall. Devres’ experimentations with photography produce what seems to be a contradiction in terms—painterly camera-less light drawings. Her photograms are a lyrical merging of painting and photography, inspired by Cubism, Futurism, and the contemporary use of digital manipulation in sound and art.