The Bunker presents the 808 Bus Tour with Kooky Scientist, Mike Uzzi, and Eric Gray at Public Assembly

The Bunker presents the 808 Bus Tour with Kooky Scientist, Mike Uzzi, and Eric Gray at Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

The 808 crew, who host wild underground loft parties in Boston, in association with our homies at Zero G Sounds, will be bringing a busload of 50 people from Boston down to NYC just for this party. So expect the night to be a little wilder than usual this week when these Bostonians hop off the bus and straight onto the dancefloor. Click here to read an article about the bus trip in the Boston Phoenix.

Only one man can make a 303 squiggle and giggle like a naughty schoolgirl. He's the Grinch of Techno, the Acid Didj, the mobster-turned-musician Kooky Scientist aka Fred Giannelli, the man who performs wearing a fedora (Ask his girlfriend that he wishes he had if you don't believe us). Former member of Psychic TV and impresario of Telepathica Communications. If you haven't heard him live, you need to make this party a priority, because you might be smitten with the same crush Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva experienced when Fred joined the Plus 8 team in the early 90s. It's his irreverent style of Acid Techno that parlays to an otherworldly level of madness. It's been a couple years since Fred played live at the Bunker, and we're excited to welcome this techno veteran back.

After years of training as a classical percussionist, Mike Uzzi deviated to the world of computer music and turntables in 2001, recording minimal techno inspired tracks and dropping bombs at parties along the East Coast. His tracks found homes far away from New England at Traum and Sentrall, and his sets wiggled unsuspecting Puritan asses, which immediately thrust him onto the Boston scene as a savior to the diluted square dance club scene. The town's deans of stylish beats, Unlockedgroove, needed such a gent to tame the uncontrollable rage of Mayflower-themed waltzes, so he was conscripted into residencies at the infamous 808 loft parties and long-running Make It New in an effort to deprogram the buckle-shod soirees. In the meantime, his solo recordings as Smartypants and collaborative project with Ben Recht became a clarion call to the huddled masses with unshaken asses, thus released on respected labels such as Unfoundsound, Clever Music and Zero G Sounds. Mr. Smartypants recently relocated to New York and abated his DJ schedule to focus on running Zero G Sounds with co-conspirator Eddie O. He's made several previous appearances at the Bunker, and never fails to completely rock the dancefloor.

Eric Gray was introduced to electronic music in 1999 after he was properly schooled at a Jeff Mills performance. Inspired by Mills, then Laurent Garnier, Dan Bell and other DJ/producers, Eric carefully crafted his DJ and production skills to influence Boston Techno like no one had yet experienced - he was creating seamless collages of stripped-down minimalist elements atop hard beats and deep rhythms. Having earned his afterhours cred at 808, Eric's reputation for pushing the edge of his limits precedes him; his fast-paced track layering coupled with 3-channel mixing, editing and manipulation give his contemporary sonic vocabulary a classic Techno warehouse party feel that gets him booked everywhere in Boston. He's a member of electronic musician collective Unlockedgroove and roster DJ for the Zero G Sounds label.