The Bunker presents a Wolf + Lamb Label Night with Wolf & Lamb, Anthony Steele, David Last, and Smirk at Galapagos

The Bunker presents a Wolf + Lamb Label Night with Wolf & Lamb, Anthony Steele, David Last, and Smirk at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Wolf + Lamb was first introduced in 2001 as a DJ alias for Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi. At the time, they found it was next to impossible to find a venue in New York City with the right setting to present their music, with the exception of their occasional guest appearances at The Bunker at subTonic. After two years of limited success in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, they set out to build their own damn venue. In early 2005, the lease was signed and work began on the Marcy Hotel. They worked to turn the neglected, garbage-filled, former machine shop into a world-class electronic music venue, complete with homemade chandeliers, light fixtures, bar, and art installations. From the opening on May 7th, 2005 as the official afterhours party for the Mini-Mutek event at the Bunker, it was clear that they had finally created a space for the magic to take place. Throughout 2005, they were lucky enough to host some of the brightest techno artists in the world. Patrons of the Marcy felt at home in the intimate venue, knowing they could count on being served quality, cutting edge music, cheap drinks, and a great vibe. The 2006 New Years Eve Party featuring Daniel Bell was the final event in the Marcy. The word of the parties had spread quickly and the crowds had outgrown the Marcy's capacity. After moving to 12turn13 in early 2006, Wolf + Lamb were able to transfer their vision to a larger space and continue to offer the same environment and level of quality their guests had come to expect. In 2007, Wolf + Lamb have mostly stopped throwing parties to focus on their record label and original music. As DJ's, their events offered them an opportunity to play alongside and learn from the best techno DJs in the world. Their performances at Burning Man in Nevada every year offered them another way to connect with a larger global audience.

David Last's tracks often combine dancefloor energy with the deeper-leaning funk of dancehall, dub, latin music and hip hop. All this stuff is probably present in one way or another in his tracks, but it's still something new. A new foodgroup... too simple to call it dancefloor dub, or field funk, or maximal tech(no!)... it's purely his own style, instantly recognizable. David has become known internationally for his soundcraft and deeply funky rhythmic sense, which may be a result of having played drums with NYC bands. David has been collaborating with Japanese tech-house producer Segeke on a project called Pocket Pet. Pocket Pet has already hit dancefloors hard with EPs on Goosehound (NYC) and Geometric Deck (Osaka). David's solo tracks are currently released in a variety of contexts with labels like Staubgold (Berlin), Goosehound (NYC), and Foundsound (Philly). He has remixed for many others including indie psych-rock label The Social Registry (NYC) and Audio.NL (Rotterdam). His downtempo full-length CD "The Push Pull" is now in its second printing with The Agriculture label, having gained respect from critics and a sizable cult following.

Brandon Wolcott (aka Smirk) attended his first rave in the midst of the historical handover of Hong Kong back to chinese rule; It was 1997, the stakes were high, and three thousand people bounced up and down to a mesmerizing oom-chi oom-chi. He knew right then and there that Chinese people are not the best of dancers. It took him some while longer to realize that he was destined to make his own brand of Oom-chi. After DJing and promoting in Minneapolis during the late nineties, heavily influenced by Chicago house as well as the fledgeling minimal movement, he pegan produciton. One half of Blink e Palermo, his relationship with Wolf + Lamb has jump started his output, with numerous releases on their label and an LP soon to be released on Archipel.

In a tiny town amongst the rolling mountains and farmlands of rural West Virginia, Anthony Steele discovered the true sense of what techno was all about while lying on a sofa totally dazed in his friend's lawnmower shed, watching the world melt. Soaking up black light, distorted bass, and the stench of gasoline, he gained a new understanding of the parallels that modulating monotony really held to the human psyche. Since then he has been in relentless pursuit of manifesting all the feelings and ideas that occur in those moments of bleeding oversensation, when you feel as if your mind is going to fall apart. Just getting his foot in the door with releases on Wolf+Lamb and his vinyl debut on Goosehound Records, Anthony Steele introduces a new mutation of dance music that was bred in the land of trailor parks, pick up trucks, meth labs, moonshine, and family trees that don't fork.