The Bunker presents Jeff Samuel, Naudio, and Coog at Galapagos

The Bunker presents Jeff Samuel, Naudio, and Coog at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Jeff Samuel first caught our attention when he appeared at Magda's Gel and Weave party at Openair in 2002, and then again with an amazing set at the Mutek picnic in 2004. This guy was pretty far ahead of the curve, playing jacked up weirdo minimal techno long before it really caught on. He's released over 20 singles in the past 7 years, on labels like Dan Bell's 7th City, Karloff, Spectral, Pokerflat, Morris/Audio, Tektite, Frankie, and many more. He has a long-standing relationship with Triple R's Trapez label that has resulted in eight 12"s. He has been remixed by Akufen and Ricardo Villalobos, and gets his tracks charted by practically every big DJ in the techno world (Hawtin, Bug, Wink, Tejada, Mayer, and Vath, just to name a few). Tonight is his second performance at the Bunker.

Influenced primarily by Jameson's irish whisky, Naudio's productions have perked up the ears of drunk people across the globe. He derives most of his creativity from the immediate thoughts that come to him after strange alcohol induced dreams. Waking up with an idea and immediately working on it has led to many deep heady tracks.. Mixing DJing with production has kept things fresh and interesting in his music. While tech and minimal are major parts of his sound, Naudio has also been known to infuse elements of funk and soul to his sets. Naudio serves as the sound man for the Bunker and has been a great help to us in figuring out how to make the Beyond Sound System sound amazing at Galapagos. His release on Relay Recordings has received alot of play from both Bunker residents over the past year.

Coog likes things such as music, bikes, friends, snowboarding, surfing, ponies, finding stuff, and digging. He drives a big black truck and often cruises around town pumping an eclectic mix of tunes that expands way beyond the latest techno tracks. Coog has become a huge supporter of the Bunker, showing up almost every week, and never once asking us for guestlist or drink tickets. We love Coog so much and so completely trust his taste in music that we're letting him play the Bunker even though we've never even heard him spin. Barely anyone has heard this guy spin. He usually only plays very small parties and private afterhours when the vibe is just right. We're honored that he's agreed to make a public appearance behind the decks at the Bunker. We've heard from reliable sources that we can expect to have our minds blown.