The Bunker presents Skoozbot and Kevin McHugh (aka Ambivalent) at Galapagos

The Bunker presents Skoozbot and Kevin McHugh (aka Ambivalent) at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
21+, 11p-4a

Brian Connelly (aka Skoozbot), an Indiana native and Michigan transplant, has long been interested in the interaction between humans and technology. This interest has been met in his love of electronic music, which is made by machines yet fueled by the soul. As a DJ over the past decade, Brian has never been satisfied simply blending two tracks together and has long sought to augment his mixing by incorporating the limitless possibilities provided by technology. Endless experimentation with both hardware and software has helped bridge the gap, but as technology continues to grow, so does Brian's curiosity for using it to open up new possibilities. This blend of the human and the electronic is further explored in his productions, where Brian aims to re-create instantaneous human emotions through electronic sounds. Although these snapshots of our consciousness can occur for just brief moments in our lives, they can continue on and be further evolved through music. His first solo EP, "Next To Monchhichi" is about to be released on Plus8, and will be making major waves in the worldwide techno community.

Does Kevin McHugh really need any introduction to anyone in New York City? He made his big splash here in 1996 when he began to produce and curate Creative Time's Music in the Anchorage series at the age of 20. The Thomas Brinkmann performance there was possibly the best techno set we've ever heard, and that was just one of MANY highlights in the Anchorage. Kevin went on to produce the very successful Micro Mini events at Filter at a time when there was very little minimal techno happening in New York City, bringing in artists like Akufen, Sammy Dee, Matthew Dear, Magda, and many more. In 2004, he spent some time in Berlin helping Richie Hawtin produce a live Plastikman show for the Mutek festival in Montreal. After that, he moved back to NYC, got a very "real" job, and occasionally surfaced to throw The Novay events at APT. For the most part though, he disappeared into his studio to work on his own productions. All of that hard work has paid off in a big way in the past year, with huge releases under his Ambivalent alias on M_nus, Clink, and Klickhaus. Now he's playing out of town almost every weekend. In New York, he hosts The Nerd Tank on East Village Radio on Friday nights with Camea, often doing interviews with guests artists who appear at the Bunker later the same night. It's been too long since we've had Kevin play at the Bunker, and we're excited to have him back to play with his good friend Skoozbot.