The Bunker presents Bodycode (aka Portable) at Luna Lounge

The Bunker presents Bodycode (aka Portable) at Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Avenue
21+, 12a-4a

Lisbon, Portugal-based Alan Abrahams has earned a lot of attention lately. His releases as Portable (~scape) have garnered near-universal acclaim for their deft fusion of tribal rhythms and a modern micro-house sensibility. For his first album as Bodycode, he focuses on the more dancefloor-oriented aspects of his style, yielding a gorgeous album born from the belief that the psyche can be unlocked via the body. Bodycode also came from necessity - while on tour playing club dates, Abrahams was compelled to seek the most engaging sound for that environment. Remarkably adept at its task, Bodycode's mesmerizing percussive arrangements and subtle melodic flourishes create an immediately engaging sound that lingers in the mind long after the club has closed.

NEW VENUE THIS WEEK: Note that last Friday was the final Bunker at Tonic, and we're going to be at Luna Lounge starting this week. The support we've received from all of you at Tonic over the past three weeks has been overwhelming. We're sure this party will succeed at the new venue if this enthusiasm carries over to Williamsburg.