The Bunker presents a 303 Acid Party (All Acid, All Night) with Mark Verbos and Neurotic Drum Band at subTonic

The Bunker presents a 303 Acid Party (All Acid, All Night) with Mark Verbos and Neurotic Drum Band at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

We had a great time at the 3/03 acid party last year (and so did you apparently, as the place was packed all night and people were sweaty and begging for more when the lights came on). This year 3/03 doesn't fall on a friday, but technically it will be 3/03 at midnight, so let's do this again!

Ever since the 2004 Winter Music Conference, Mark Verbos has been getting alot of attention for his amazing acid house sets using all the classic Roland hardware (TR-909, TR-707, TR-808, MC-202, and of course the TB-303). Verbos is a veteran of the early 90's midwest rave scene, where he played many Drop Bass parties, so he knows a thing or two about acid. He never looked back and has been producing great records and playing at huge parties ever since, building up a formidable discography. Check out his website for proof of all this and some nice downloads. Tonight he will help us to celebrate 3/03 with his live acid house set, which will be EXTRA heavy on the 303. This very impressive live improvised set has blown the roof off of the Bunker several times, and we're sure tonight will be no different.

We've also invited the Neurotic Drum Band for a tagteam DJ set. Between the two of them, Selway and Ulysses probably have every important acid record, and they know how to put an amazing set together, as they've proven at subTonic and other venues in NYC many times in the past.

John Selway's bio is mind bogglingly long and impressive, so we'll just give you a brief synapsis. Selway has been surrounded by music his whole life, studying violin and piano by age 5. He started working on electronic music at the ripe age of 12, and released his first record by 19. He co-produced records with Oliver Chesler (the Horrorist), BT, Ali Shirazinia, and Scott Richmond early in his career. In the mid-90's, he started the Serotonin record label, putting out tons of dope releases, including the very first Fischerspooner record. He then went on to work with Abe Duque and Christian Smith, touring the globe and earning lots of praise. He is currently very busy with his new label Memory Boy (retro Italo disco), his Neurotic Drum Band project with Ulysses, the CSM label with Dave Turov, and many other collaborations and projects that will see the light of day soon.

Born outside of New York City, Ulysses has been DJing since 1991, when he made his start on the radio at WTUL, New Orleans. Since then he's gone on to international stardom as a producer and DJ. He has remixed artists such as Pop legend Arthur Baker, and local rock gods Le Tigre and the Scissor Sisters. He's performed in over 30 countries, such as recent performances in Venezuela, France, and Hong Kong, as well as New York's acclaimed PS1 Warm-Up Series.