The Bunker presents Deadbeat, Crackhaus, Stephen Beaupré, Rich Korach, and Alka_Rex at subTonic

The Bunker presents Deadbeat, Crackhaus, Stephen Beaupré, Rich Korach, and Alka_Rex at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Deadbeat is one of the artists on the Beyond Booking roster, and has made many appearances at the Bunker over the past few years. There is a reason we keep bringing him back: his constantly evolving live sets are quite simply some of the most impressive electronic music we've ever heard. All 3 Deadbeat full lengths on ~scape have been spun many times in the early evening at the Bunker, and they usually bring the trainspotters running up to find out what the hell it is. Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat) makes impossibly deep digital dub that somehow avoids all of the dub cliches and puts a fresh spin on the decades-old genre. As amazing as the albums are, you really have to see the live set to fully appreciate the sound. He had heads spinning and hips shaking at his last subTonic gig. His newest album has a subversive poltical edge (something that is sadly absent in most electronic music), and we deeply respect that at the Bunker. He also recently dropped a split 12" with Monolake on Cynosure and a 12" on Echochord that both explore his deadly dancefloor techno side, which we're guessing you'll get to hear some of tonight.

More than 10 years of active participation on the Montreal scene has converted Steve Beaupré into an uncontestable artist in the world of Canadian music. Steve has managed to gain recognition lately as a solo artist with his EP "Dirty Lipreading" on the upstart Montreal label Musique Risqué, launched by Akufen and Vincent Lemieux. His particular approach to music manifests itself in decomposed and syncopated rhythms, which he develops with an incredible spontaneity. Animated ambiances based upon abstract and organic textures abound in his productions, where an equal measure of house and techno interplay with elements of funk, guided by a strong artistic sensitivity. Diverse vocals and instrumentation, reworked with humor, intermingle with intense beats, delivering both a relaxed and agitated tone to his pieces. He recently his first album, the masterful "Foe Destroyer", on the MUTEK_REC label, which has received much play on the Bunker dancefloor and gets our vote for one of the best albums of the year.

Also appearing will be Crackhaus, which is Deadbeat and Steve Beaupré's collaborative techno project. Their sound will definitely appeal to fans of micro-house superstars like Akufen and the Perlon crew, but they put their own very humorous spin on the genre. We haven't heard them perform since their set at Mini-Mutek 2005, which was incredible and had people bouncing off the walls.

Rich Korach discovered techno in 1994 and has been a part of the scene ever since. He is a resident DJ for Paxahau in Detroit, who organized the DEMF in 2006, and have thrown many amazing events over the past eight years. He is perhaps best known for holding his own in a tagteam set with Richie Hawtin and Luciano at a Paxahau afterparty in Detroit on Labor Day Weekend 2005 (you can hear this any many other sets on the Paxahau website). New Yorkers will remember him as the guy with the eyepatch who held it down for hours with Seth Troxler at the equally legendary Tesh Club vs Wolf + Lamb afterparty at Miss Williamsburg in August. Tonight he will be joining Derek Plaslaiko for an extended subTonic set.

alka_rex, aka Sascha and Eddie, are the "Digital Russians" of the NYC minimal techno scene. They released a double album on Mille Plateaux side label Supralinear last year, a 12" on Musique Risquée in the spring, and the first Thema EP in July. They have already played at the Bunker twice this year, and are joining us tonight at the special request of their Musique Risquée labelmates. The worldwide response to their latest releases has been incredible, and their live set just keeps getting better, so expect a packed dancefloor tonight and a bright future for alka_rex.