The Bunker presents a DEMF pre-party with Zip, Jan Jelinek, Solids, and Wolf & Lamb at subTonic

The Bunker presents a DEMF pre-party with Zip, Jan Jelinek, Solids, and Wolf & Lamb at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 10p-4a

Every year, we make the trek to Detroit for the DEMF and then Montreal for Mutek. This year, we were lucky enough to grab a couple of the more interesting acts for stopovers at the Bunker on their way to the big festivals.

Zip (aka Dimbiman) is the owner of Perlon, which has consistently released top notch forward thinking dance music since its first release almost 10 years ago. He's also one half of Pantytec with Sammy Dee. As a DJ, producer, and label head, Zip is one of the most innovative members of the electronic dance music community. He is one of our absolute favorite DJs, and almost never makes it to NYC, so we're thrilled to grab him for an exclusive appearance on his way to both DEMF and Mutek.

Jan Jelinek is one of the most well known electronic music producers in the world. He has released three full length albums under his own name on Stephan Betke's ~scape imprint, and seven 12"s as Farben on Klang. His deeply creative use of loops and samples instantly set him apart from the sea of "glitch-tronica" producers when he arrived on the scene in the late-90s. His current live show is a semi-improvised representation of his latest album "Kosmischer Pitch" performed by a three piece band that includes Andrew Pekler (who recently played a solo set at the Bunker) and Hanno Leichtman.

Solids is David Last's (of the Agriculture, Goosehound, and Unfoundsound fame) new live dub band. They take elements of dub and apply a slightly more aggressive "wall of sound" treatment, with glitchy laptop sounds, slinky guitars, and a live rhythm section.

Wolf + Lamb exploded onto the New York City techno scene with a series of afterparties at their small Williamsburg club for the Bunker in the spring of 2005. These evolved into a series of packed regular all night parties at the Wolf+Lamb space that went well into the next afternoon. The minimal design and comfortable environment they created was an instant hit with everyone in the minimal techno scene. Although they have proven to be very talented party throwers, at heart, they are really just DJs who want to play at great parties. They utilize Ableton Live software to weave gorgeous sets of warm bath techno, fukt up ambient, and heroin house. With a bunch of original studio productions in the works, a new bigger loft space to host parties in Brooklyn, a residency at Love, and a new web label, you will be hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future.