The Bunker presents James Pennington, Archetype, and DJ Dex at subTonic

The Bunker presents James Pennington, Archetype, and DJ Dex at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 9p-4a

When we got an email from DJ Dex of Underground Resistance a while back saying that UR wanted to do some shows in New York at the Bunker, we thought it might be someone playing a joke on us. Well, it was no joke, and tonight will be the first of hopefully many UR nights at the Bunker.

Do we really need to introduce James Pennington to you? He is a true Detroit techno legend with many classic (and we mean CLASSIC!) tracks under his belt. He was part of Inner City's huge techno hits, "Big Fun" and "Good Life". He wrote and produced "The Art of Stalking", which is one of the greatest techno tracks ever. James has strict quality control and doesn't release records or DJ out very often, so we are beyond psyched to have him play with us.

DJ Dex is part of the new generation of UR producers and DJs. He has done a ton of work for UR over the past few years: mixing, editing, producing, DJing, web building, accounting, you name it. Dude is frikkin ridiculous behind the decks, and his records have been well received around the world. This is his debut NYC appearance.

Archetype has produced everything from drum'n'bass to downtempo to experimental techno. After his last (way too short) set at the Bunker, we were blown away and told him "i have no idea what genre any of those records fit into, but they were all amazing", to which he replied "that's the point!". right ... duh. Tonight he is busting out a very rare live set!