The Bunker presents Ashford Breaks, Home, Clark Warner, Pheek, and Hearthrob at subTonic

The Bunker presents Ashford Breaks, Home, Clark Warner, Pheek, and Hearthrob at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 9p-3a
Free downstairs, $5 upstairs

Clark Warner is an old friend of the Bunker. He used to play at our Undercity parties at Halcyon on Sunday afternoons after many Saturday night opening / sideroom gigs with Richie Hawtin in larger venues. He is one of the best and most interesting chillout DJs we've heard, and we're psyched to have him start us off properly tonight.

Heartthrob has been making unreleased secret weapons for many of the best minimal techno DJs in the world. He will finally be releasing something on wax for the rest of us in the near future, with a split 12" with Pheek on Contexterrior and a track on the new M_nus compilation.

Pheek has been making a name for himself with quirky minimal techno releases on netlabels like Thinner, Epsilonlabs, and Clever Music. Tonight marks his debut performance in NYC.

Ashford Breaks used to be The Amber Smith, lovely indie pop yumminess. Their new work "brings to mind everything from the winsome Anglophilic rock and roll of Big Star to the willfully arty minimalism of Wire to the twee pop of Orange Juice." (From their website).

We haven't seen them yet, but we've heard some great tracks and are excited to get them to The Bunker!

Home has been a band since 1992, beginning in Tampa, releasing casette demos and more than a dozen records. Members have been in dozens of other bands ranging from country rock, to dub, to indie pop, folk and psychedellia, and last year Home toured stadium style with Grandaddy and Super Furry Animals. This is a rare New York appearance.

"Home XIV was designed to shield listeners from a certain looming Winter with a blazing smile and Quixotic belief in the constitution of human bonds." (From Screw Music Forever)