The Bunker presents DeGiere and The Fresh Blend at subTonic

The Bunker presents DeGiere and The Fresh Blend at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 9p-3a

Very excited to hear these San Franciscans play. Last time he was in town, The Fresh Blend played an amazing set at Halcyon and gave me a mix cd that i finally listened to on my way to Detroit a few weeks back ... it's rigoddamndiculously good! Dude mixes it up in a style that is very unique but in a way quite similar to the kind of mixing that has made DJ /Rupture very famous. Don't sleep on these guys!

San Francisco native Chris de Giere presents a dynamic mix of soupy digital ambience and bass heavy abstract beats. With an interest in real-time synthesis and chaotic systems, de Giere improvises with custom software tools encouraging spontaneous moments of convergence and harmony. His recorded tracks and live sets range from subdued atmospheres to all out dance floor freak outs. de Giere has released material with Emanate, No Type, Throat, and Volta and performs regularly across the United States.

For ten years the Fresh Blend has been bringing techno to warehouses and clubs across the country.  As a founding member of New England Works he helped put the techno aesthetic into the ears and minds of many in the north east.  Now in San Francisco, the Fresh Blend brings experimental electronics to California for Trouble, the infamous monthly that pushes techno outside the box.  Outside the box, indeed -- the Fresh Blend is known best for ignoring techno's fragmented genre boundaries as he drops track after track for your mind and your feet.