The Bunker presents Sara Walker and Satamile at subTonic

The Bunker presents Sara Walker and Satamile at subTonic
107 Norfolk Street
21+, 9p-3a

Remember that amazing Madagascar Institute party, How Far Have You Fallen, just before the cops came and ruined our fun, the entire place was going absolutely nuts and 95% of the people present were dancing their asses off to fucked up breaks? that was Sara Walker spinning. rememeber that time at Direct Drive where you were dacing your ass off to amazing drum'n'bass? that was very likely Doomer, aka Sara Walker. She's very versatile, and she always brings it. Truly one of my favorite DJs.

Andrew Price aka Satamile is a true treasure to the New York City electronic community. He's been putting out amazing modern electro 12"s on his Satamile imprint for years, getting huge props from the worldwide electro community, including key players like Andrew Weatherall. He has throw countless amazing events in NYC, bringing in loads of great acts that no one else dares to (or dare*D* to, as many of the acts went on to achieve great fame, Satamile has always been ahead of the curve): Adult (1st NYC booking), Skam DJs, Perlon DJs, Rennie Pilgrim, Radioactive Man, Sutekh, Theorum, Mark Broom, Airlock ... the list goes on and on. All of that aside, the man probably has the deepest collection of interesting electronic vinyl in nyc, and he knows how to use it.